December 17, 2017

The 7-Minute Workout For The Busy People

It is hard to make an excuse when it is only to spare 7 minutes of our time in a day to engage in activities that will enhance our health and wellbeing. 7 minutes. It can’t be that hard, right?

Well, good news for everyone who is always busy, always have an excuse to miss gym sessions or not to exercise, always forgetting to devote time to be physically fit, and those who just have lazy behinds like myself. I am guilty! So, when I saw this free 7-minute workout in the web and watched how easy it is to follow them, I feel so ashamed. I practically have no more excuse to make after watching it. I take more time sitting, thinking of what to eat for dinner compared to getting myself dressed for a good workout and actually engaging on the 7-minute workout.

Visit the Well Workouts (site: developed by the New York Times especially for busy folks like us. I am not sure if it was created by Gretchen Reynolds as her name appears on the workout diagram but I give credits to her and NYC Times for this amazing compilation of easy-to-follow movements to help me and you to get going.

There are 2 kinds of 7-minute workout available in the site. 

Scientific 7-minute workout

According to the site, it consists of 12 exercises using your body weight, a chair and a wall. I can live with that!

Advanced 7-minute workout

This is the more intense and demanding workout out of the two in the site. It requires you to have dumbbells. It also takes only 7-minutes to complete the routine.

The site comes with a choice of 2 voice overs, Phoebe, your female cheerer or Alastair, your male voice coach. And if you want silence, just the visuals, then you can disable the voice over as you please.

This 7-minute workout is a great routine and they are not complicated unlike the other fitness videos I have seen before.  Now, I don’t have any reason not to exercise even for just few minutes in a day.

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