December 18, 2017

The Best Selfie Ever!

Ellen DeGeneres is a very active Twitter member and her tweets usually garner a substantial number of followers and retweets. She posted something today during the Oscars that might have pushed Twitter’s server to go bonkers – a celebrity-filled selfie!

Photo credit: Ms. Ellen’s Twitter wall 🙂

The selfie has been retweeted 2.6M times already as per the time I grabbed the snapshot of Ms. Ellen’s Twitter profile.  Twitter had to be down for a while to catch up on the influx of retweets coming from that singular selfie tweet from the famous Ellen.

Now, top that! Kudos to Ellen for hosting the Academy. I haven’t watched it yet because I was in the office but I’ll look forward to find a streaming of that telecast. I hope she did great!

And congratulations to the winners!

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