December 18, 2017

The Creative Process at the Auto Body Shop

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When you find that you need to take your car into a Houston auto body shop, you will find that there are many very creative people working there. In order to work in auto body repairs, a person must not only have technical skills, but they also must be artistic by nature. Part of being artistic is being creative. Anyone can study and understand what the process of auto body repair is, but there are plenty of aspects of the work that take a creative mind and artistic abilities to ensure the body of a car looks brand new after it has been crashed and is crinkled.

New Body Panels

New body panels are certainly part of the process of auto body repair. However, there is a certain amount of artistic ability that goes into painting the new body panel to make sure it matches the rest of the car. It is not all about precise measurements, but rather the free-flowing ability to match things up. In addition, new body panels are often not an exact fit and may need some modification to make them fit the way they are supposed to fit.

Feathering in the Paint on the Car

One of the toughest things to do when painting a car is not only to match the color precisely, but also to feather the new paint in with the old so that it is not noticeable. This is not easy to do and requires some artistic ability. Without this artistic ability, a painter in an auto body shop is not going to have a job for long. This is not easy to teach and requires a high degree of tolerance to teach to someone who wants to learn.

Clear Coat to Perfection

When the car is all repaired and painted to match, it is time to bring the shine out using a clear coat of protection. No matter what Houston auto body shop you take your car to, this is going to be the case. The clear coat brings out the shine in the paint and makes it look glossy. Of course, this glossy look makes a car look new again.


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