December 17, 2017

The In-depth Blogging Bundle is Here – The Genius Bloggers Toolkit!

Ever feel overwhelmed by blogging? Feel the pressure of completing tasks and almost missing deadlines? How about staring at your monitor for several minutes (sometimes hours!) and nothing?

Well, you are not alone.  I have been in rock-bottom with my blogging activities several years ago that I almost quit. I struggled to overcome challenges like increasing my traffic and income in ways that matched my passion and values. They were not easy but they are achievable.

Blogging has been one of those incredible “pinch me” parts of my life. I can hardly believe I get to do something I love so much, earn money on the side, and be part of a wonderful, fabulous, and special community.

Blogging is also not always easy, and the fast-changing nature of the blogosphere means I can’t ever stop learning how to be a better blogger.

I’ve found my blog really thrives when I’m growing in my skills, connecting with others who get the work I’m doing. I make a point of prioritizing my growth as a blogger, and one of the best ways I’ve found is by learning from other experienced bloggers who’ve mastered a particular aspect of blogging.

The problem with having to enhance your skill alongside your know-how is sort of expensive. The e-books and online courses available that cover all the topics I need to improve my blogging skills, get more traffic, and be more influential in what I do can be quite the purchase!

Which is why I am super excited about the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. It’s a digital package crammed full of brilliant tools to help you grow your blog, work smarter and make more money. But at a price that is a total knockout! This is super huge savings for you! (But for way less than you’d normally spend!)

The team at Ultimate Bundles has put together the best resources on ALL the topics that matter to bloggers, like mastering social media, monetization, creating and selling products, time management and productivity, nurturing an email list, and so much more.

Here’s what you will get:

    In total, the toolkit includes over $3,500 of blogging tips, strategies, tutorials and amazingly practical information and ideas. Plus you get free bonus offers worth $1,447, with 17 tools and services to help you run your blog.

    But the truly amazing part? They’re selling it for a crazy 98% off of regular price!

    I know, it sounds too good to be true, but I promise it’s not. Ultimate Bundles has been around a long time and creating these packages is really their thing (they’ve sold over 180,000 of them on all sorts of topics), so you can trust this is the real deal.

    Even better, they’re all about making sure you LOVE this toolkit. There’s a full 30-day happiness guarantee, so there’s really no risk in trying it out.

    The most important detail, though, is that this toolkit is available for seven days only. After Tuesday night, November 1st, the sale ends and you’d have to buy all of these products individually.
    I’d hate for you to miss out, so click HERE  to learn more or buy the bundle.

    It’s even backed by a full money-back happiness guarantee, so you can make sure it’s right for you. Get what you need to work smarter instead of harder, grow your platform, and earn more. Learn more or get your bundle HERE.

    Here’s what you’re going to miss out if you turn the other cheek 😉

    Professional Blogging

    • Blogging Roadmap: The Simple Method for Creating A Profitable Blog by WellnessMama ($97.00)
    • Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook Master Package by Abby Lawson ($75.00)
    • Everything But the Posts: Tips, Advice, and Templates From a Blogger Who Has Been in Your Shoes by Becca Ludlum ($7.99)
    • Launch Your Dream Blogger’s Bundle by Natalie Joy ($81.00)
    • The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing
    • from ProBlogger ($49.99)

    • The Foundation Series by Kirsten Oliphant ($49.00)
    • The Knowtbook: In-Depth Notes for Online Business by Amy Lynn Andrews ($24.00)
    • The Must-Have Guide to Blogging by Kayla Aimee ($17.00)

    Time Management and Productivity

    • Asana for Bloggers by Matthew Giovanisci ($25.00)
    • Blog Buddies Planner Pages & Calling Cards by Mollie Johanson ($8.00)
    • Creating and Maintaining an Editorial Calendar by Angie Holden ($19.99)
    • Productivity Guide for Bloggers by Ruth Soukup ($97.00)
    • The Balanced Blog Planner by Amy Blevins ($49.00)
    • The Ultimate Freelancer Tax Guide by Caitlin Pyle ($9.99)
    • The Ultimate Unoffical Dropbox Guide by Jason Glaspey ($29.00)
    • Time Management Mama by Beth Anne Schwamberger ($5.99)

    Social Media

    • Facebook Live Bully by Dave Anderson ($37.00)
    • FB Ads for Beginners by Beth Anne Schwamberger ($75.00)
    • Growing With Groups by Val Geisler ($97.00)
    • InstaValuable :: Grow Your Instagram Basic Course by Myquillyn Smith ($97.00)
    • Pinaffiliate Masterclass by Adeline Ganley ($97.00)
    • Pinterest Traffic Secrets by Bob Lotich ($149.00)
    • Snapchat for Influencers by Amy Bellgardt & Jessi Sanfilippo ($9.99)
    • Social Media Marketing Workbook and Planner: How to Master Engagement in 15 Minutes a Day by Dwainia Grey ($27.00)
    • Stop Guessing: Your Step by Step Guide to Creating a Social Media Strategy by Jenn Herman ($9.99)
    • Strategies Worth Sharing eBook & Workbook by Brittany Ann ($30.00)
    • Triple Your Twitter by Helene Sula ($127.00)

    Product Creation

    • Blog To Book: A Guide to Building Your Blog Business Through eBooks and Paperbacks by P.R. Newton ($7.99)
    • Building a Business: How to Dream, Plan, Make, Sell, and Share Your Online Shop by Maggie Whitley & Elise Blaha Cripe ($12.00)
    • Delight: The Digital Biz Owner’s Guide
      To Creating A Pro Client + Customer Service Plan by Erika Madden ($11.00)
    • E-Course Creation 101 by Chantel Klassen ($97.00)
    • Formatting e-Books for Writers by Susan K. Stewart ($2.99)
    • From Idea to eBook by Mandi Ehman ($37.00)
    • Get Them Excited to Buy: Step-by-Step Guide for Converting Just Looking to Just Bought by Kelly Thorne Gore ($27.00)
    • How to Start Publishing for Kindle by Jeff Goins ($47.00)

    Tech Help

    • Blog Beautiful: 50 Tips + Fixes to Make Your Blog Glow by Marianne Manthey ($24.00)
    • HTML and CSS Crash Course by Sarah Eggers ($129.00)
    • Sticky Blogging SEO: Climb to the Top With This 21-Day Course by Kelly Holmes ($99.00)
    • What the Tech? A Guide to Ease Your Technical Blogging Frustrations by Lesley Clavijo ($75.00)
    • You Have a Blog, Now What? Tips for Non-Techie Bloggers by Maria Davis ($19.00)

    Photography and Images

    • Eat Pretty Things: Your Guide to Food Photography by Trisha Hughes ($29.00)
    • Lazy Girl’s Guide to Lightroom: Easy Photo Editing for Bloggers by Beth Bryan ($97.00)
    • Photoshop Your Biz: Learn Photoshop & Design On Your Own Schedule by Holly McCaig ($79.00)
    • Systematize Your Branding by Indigo Colton and Kaitlyn Kessler ($49.00)

    Blog Growth

    • 17 Strategies I Used to Go from 17K to 350K+ Pageviews in 9 Months by Lena Gott ($25.00)
    • List Building Jumpstart by Laura Smith ($147.00)
    • Networking Tips to Take Your Business to the Next Level by Natalie Cutler-Welsh ($19.00)
    • Primp My Post by Angie Nelson ($17.00)
    • Rave: Turn Your Online Followers Into Fans by Allison Marshall ($149.00)

    Content Creation

    • Content Cookbook by Prerna Malik ($199.00)
    • Done-For-You Blog Content Creation Kit by Tanya Peterson ($47.00)
    • Heart of Your Business Video Training by Adera Angelucci ($47.50)
    • Podcasters Secret Weapon: Ultimate Podcaster Launch Guide by Luis Congdon ($9.00)
    • Simple Podcasting by Joe Pardo ($69.99)


    • Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers: The Fundamentals by Tasha Agruso ($75.00)
    • Affiliate Marketing Secrets & Strategies by Katie Hornor ($47.00)
    • BloggerRevolution™ Sponsored Content Master Guide: How to Pitch, Create & Nail Sponsored Content Every Time by Bonnie LaVell ($259.00)
    • Brands Are Looking For YOU! by Karen Lee ($14.99)
    • How to Move from Blog to Business by Caz and Craig Makepeace ($67.00)
    • Launch Your Speaking Ministry by Sheila Wray Gregiore ($79.00)
    • Monetize45 by Tabitha Philen ($149.00)
    • PR + Marketing for Bloggers by Kaelah Flynn ($25.00)
    • The Concise Guide to Blogging for Business Growth by Ling Wong ($27.00)

    This year’s Genius Blogger’s Toolkit comes with over $1,447 worth of bonus offers including:
    1. NinjaOutreach – 2 months free at the blogger level ($98 value)
    2. ConvertKit – 2 months free trial ($58 value)
    3. The Hungry JPEG – 2 Free exclusive fonts ($30 value)
    4. Board Booster – 3000 Pins (value $30)
    5. Businessese – Free Privacy Policy ($40 value)
    6. iBlog Magazine – 1 year digital membership ($70 value)
    7. Mouseflow – 2500 credits (value $29)
    9. MyThemeShop – any theme or plugin for $19 + all products come with one year of premium support and updates ($50 value)
    10. Send Owl – 2 months free (value $78)
    11. Viraltag – 2 months free ($48 value)
    12. Beacon – 1 month unlimited plan free (value $29)
    13. Bloguettes – 2500 credits (value $29)
    14. Stencil – 2 months free at the professional level ($30 value)
    15. The Company Project – 1 month free (value $27)
    16. Agathon – first month AGhosted Solo free, free site transfer, free site transfer back within the first month (no questions asked), free site speed assesment ($405 value)
    12. Thinkific – 3 month free trial – Business package (value $237) 


    Ready to improve your blogging skills, get more traffic, and earn more? What are you waiting for? This offer is only until Nov.  1. Hurry!


    Bloggers, want to join the Ultimate Bundle who is the team behind this fabulous offer? Sign up here and offer this amazing bundle to other bloggers who can use a little help with their blogs.

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