December 18, 2017

The One-Stop-Shop In Handling Your Revenue and Customers

Every business owner’s dilemma is related to money issues like capital, expenses, investments and recurring income from sales and also retention of customers who are the primary reason why a business stay in business.

Not every business owner around the world has been given the chance to prosper exponentially from a meager capital and a line of loyal patrons. While others strive to stay afloat, the other business owners who enjoys a good revolving profit do not get off easy as well. They   have some issues to settle when it comes to one of the most important aspect of running a business – income and customer retention.

Companies like the ServiceSource comes into picture when issues like recurring income and retention of customers are concerned. ServiceSource is known for their services in terms of providing business owners several ways of handling the influx of recurring income and retention of existing customers through these viable solutions:

Professional Services

ServiceSource’s Renew onDemand is one of the key services they offer to ensure that your company benefits on making the time-consuming activities involved in recurring revenue management. Renew onDemand is a service that involves passing valuable information through various means of educating your staff on the methodologies, demos, hands-on and discussions via classroom training or self-paced and even virtually.  This will also improve your company’s customer service support.

Managed Services

ServiceSource will provide various managed services for your company that will aid in the running, cleaning and enhancement of renewal data to create a better way to manage information of your business. This way, it does not only provide a software like other software-based companies offer for you to install and use but it also provides a team of data management experts to your account as they continuously upload and reconcile bookings opportunity for renewal of subscriptions of your products or services. Your company’s sales team will be further reinforced with more accurate renewal information.

Aside from the data management, ServiceSource will also help in the unburdening of admin tasks of your sales representatives so they can perform more in selling than getting caught up with the admin work like providing quotes that may be inaccurate and takes time to send out. Leave it all to ServiceSource to do the admin work and get the selling done!

Visit for more information on what services they offer to help your company and boost renewals.

Let the experts do the backroom work for your company. It is like having a virtual back office running your company’s major functions in a streamlined fashion to boost your sales which is the heart of your income generation.

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