December 17, 2017

The Role Of Fashion In Today's Youth

There has been a big leap in the fashion industry in the present time. Looking at various famous fashion magazines and searching through sites similar to, one can tell the role of fashion in today’s youth has progressed.

More and more younger teens as early as their prepubescent ages have been tapped to model clothes for famous high-end brands. Children of celebrities have graced the covers of the world’s well-circulated fashion magazines. You can see children modeling for brands that we all have seen and heard while growing up. So, fashion has really tapped the younger demographic of the world and it is succeeding.

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Fashion has not only dressed the adults into respectable, stylish, glamorous, serious, conservative or fun individuals. It has also created fresh styles for the younger generation to project. Today’s fashion for the youth allows the wearer to be more creative with the pattern, style of clothing, play in textures and colors and usually going out of the confines of every fashion rule book. The youth of today has his or her way of standing out as an individual and making a statement of his or her personality through the clothes he or she wear courtesy of the fashion trend these days.

The youth are no longer bound to conform on the rigors of what society dictates and the norm to break the stereotypes in the fashion realm is slowly being broken by the young generation. So, fashion brought about this change in the mindset of today’s generation. Fashion is no longer that snobbish industry where the affluents can only enjoy and afford. Fashion has opened its doors even to the lower class of society because, fashion should be enjoyed by everyone. It should not be a privilege. And that is what is happening in the fashion industry, now that the youth has been involved.

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Fashion’s role in today’s youth has opened opportunities for creative, adventurous and with flair for entrepreneurial leadership youths. Younger people are now involved in the design process. Younger models are walking the runways and younger entrepreneurs are making its way on the to in the fashion industry.

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