December 18, 2017

The Steps To Overcoming Those Negative Patterns

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Ask someone if they have any bad habits, and most people will say yes. Most of us have at least one thing we’d like to kick. While some bad habits, like knuckle cracking or incessant throat clearing, are just annoying to both us and the people around us, others can be hazardous to your health – smoking, for example. Kicking these bad habits is not an easy task, but don’t give up. There are some very helpful tips that will help you get rid of any bad habit you may have acquired. Follow these steps to overcoming those negative patterns in your life!

1. Make It Conscious

With some habits, we don’t even realize when we’re doing it. We light up without noticing it or crack our necks before we even know we’ve done it. Every time you find yourself in the midst of this habit, be aware of it. Say it out loud if you need to. The more you bring it to your own attention, the more you can control when it happens.

2. Stay Away From Bad Influences

This doesn’t just mean people, although, yes, maybe you need to back away from smoking friends if you’re tempted to smoke with them too. This also means influences like sitting restlessly with nothing to do or having lots of snacks lying around. If you find you indulge in your habit under certain circumstances, avoid those circumstances.

3. Replace Habits With Something Else

Find something else that you can use to consciously replace the original habit. For example, every time you’re tempted to eat in between meals, watch a YouTube video instead. Distract yourself until that urge dies down to a more manageable level.

4. Tell People

Some habits can be embarrassing to admit to others, so you don’t have to do something nearly as drastic as posting it on Twitter, but the more people you tell, the more you are held accountable for your choices. Tell a friend, your partner – if nothing else, journal about it and tell yourself. Making your habit-breaking public knowledge gives you extra support and motivation to stick with it.

5. Hypnotherapy

This one takes a little bit more time and money than our other tips, but it’s also one of the most helpful for those habits that you just can’t kick any other way. There are a lot of myths about hypnotherapy floating around, so feel free to do a little research and find hypnotherapy info to educate yourself on what the process is like, but it may be what you need to succeed.

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