December 17, 2017

Things to Do Before Moving Into a New Home

Moving into a new house can be incredibly exciting but too often this excitement quickly abates as your realise how much you have to do before the actual move. Above all, it is important to be organised before moving into a new home and to get started on all that needs to be done well in advance of your moving date.

1: Consider your storage options

There is no better time to get rid of everything you really don’t need and the things that you no longer use than before your move into a new home. There really is little point in taking it all with you and cluttering up your new home.

Rather than moving all of your items with you and trying to locate them all in your new home, move some things into storage. Modern storage facilities, such as those provided by Fort Knox, are safe, secure, clean and hygienic; you can feel entirely confident that your goods are stored in an optimal environment at one of these facilities. Professional storage facilities also allow ready access to storage units for their customers and are usually open at times convenient to most people.

2: Book a removalist

Well in advance of your moving date (perhaps even 4-6 weeks), it’s useful to book your removalist. Do this as early as possible as removalist companies do get booked up and popular times for moving, such as weekends, can result in hot demand for removalist services.

It is wise to obtain quotes from a number of removalist companies and pay attention to what is, and what is not, included in their quotes. If there will be multiple stops for the removalist, including moving some goods into storage, discuss these upfront.

3: Get rid of items that you no longer need

While many of us hold on to items out of sentimentality or fear that we will one day need them, the time before you move to a new home is ideal for getting rid of items for which you no longer have a use. As much as possible, recycle and donate items. While you may be finished with them, remember that friends, family members and charities may be incredibly grateful and appreciative of your pre-loved goods.

Get rid of items before you move. You don’t want to pay to move things that are no longer needed and nor do you want to deal with the frustration of having to sort through and work out what to do with them as you settle into your new home.

4: Measure the spaces in your new home

Before moving, it’s a very good idea to know precisely how much room you have and whether your furniture will fit. You should also look carefully at the storage area available as this will help you appreciate how much you can take and how much should be disposed of.

5: Change your address

In advance of your move, contact all of the relevant authorities and organisations to advise them of your change of address. It’s well worth paying a very reasonable fee for your mail to be re-directed in case you receive post from places you had not thought to contact.

In the time before you move to a new home, it is vital to be organised and well prepared. Ensure that you move only items that you really need and have a complete awareness of the space that is available.

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