December 17, 2017

Tips On Getting A Rental Vehicle For Your Long Road Trip In The US and Canada

It’s vacation season and are you ready for the big road trip? Many of you may have already made plans as early this year, and many may have even planned longer than that. Do you have relatives visiting from other countries like your parents or grandparents whom you want to tour around the US and Canada? As long as they their proper documentations have been secured and the required super visa insurance has been purchased to enable you to cross country then this long road trip is going to be fun for everyone!

Vehicle owners are already prepping their own vehicles but not everyone has cars or SUVs to drive around when they need too.

Vacation time will be a busy time for all types of travelers. The roads can get packed especially on weekends when some families decide to take a long drive to enjoy their break.  And during this time where most road travelers ask themselves, “is my car ready for the long road trip?” If their answer is no, then renting out a vehicle will be the logical solution to cover that concern.

Some travelers probably even own smaller cars which are not fit for the long drive. Therefore, renting a bigger SUV, camper van or a family space wagon will be a perfect idea for that kind of trip.

However, before you book your rented vehicle, make sure you consider these tips to ensure you are getting the best out of your rental deal.

Call the rental company before booking

If your plan includes a cross-country drive to or from the US and Canada, it will be ideal to call the rental company first before reserving or booking for clarifications. Some rental companies may not allow you to take the car outside the borders but some may. So, ensure you have the right information before you secure your booking.

Compare the Cost

Check out rates online as most rental car companies offer fabulous discounts and deals when you book online and for long period of time.


Make sure the rental company offers insurance to cover your trip, the passengers and the motor vehicle. You would like to have a piece of mind while you are out in the road with your loved ones and making sure that you have the right coverage for the long cross country road trip is a must. Check with the car rental company for the right type of insurance you should purchase if you are crossing the US or Canada.


Make sure you carry your driver’s license, passport with you, along with any travel insurance required for the trip when you cross borders. That also includes your entire family who are traveling with you. You can purchase your travel insurance online, and in travel agencies like the snowbird travel insurance. Check from the travel agency the types of documents required to take along when you plan to cross the border so you will not face any problems during the trip.

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Choose the right vehicle

The type of car should match the kind of road trip you will undertake and the number of passengers who will travel with you.  Will you need a spacious car or a vehicle that has a large trunk for storage of bags? Will you travel in narrow roads or mostly highways? Do you like an automatic or a stick shift car which is cheaper than the former type? All these things have to be considered when you finalize your choice depending on your travel and budget. If you will travel solo or with only a partner or a buddy then a smaller car will be ideal.

Choose unlimited mileage

Although most rental companies offer unlimited mileage, it is still a wise thing to check and ensure you get the rental car with unlimited mileage so you do not have to worry about racking up mileage when you travel cross country.

Read the fine print

This part is the least one that many of us do not do. We seldom read the fine print but we should. Do not get caught off guard with other fees when you take your car after booking because you did not read the fine print.  Do not get blindsided because you did not have time to read your confirmation or have missed to print a hardcopy when you collect your vehicle. Know your rights and know what you have paid for in the car rental.

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