December 15, 2017
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Tips To Find The Perfect Yoga Mat For You

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At the base of every practice is your mat. It represents more then just a place to practice, it represents your space in the world, as well as a space for yourself. With such important responsibilities, we owe it to ourselves to select a mat that makes the absolute most of our practice.
Photo by Matthew Kane on Unsplash
While there is no universal perfect mat that will match every single persons needs, there
 are a few key factors to pay attention to when selecting the perfect mat for you:
Grip – The mat shouldn’t slip or slide during practice. Slipping and sliding is both harmful to your practice and potentially to yourself, especially with slippery studio floors mixed with sweat. Your mat should hold tight and keep up with the demands of your practice without sliding
Comfort – Especially if you have sensitive joints, pay attention to how much thickness you require. While some people will require more support, everyone should make sure their mat has enough padding to protect from possible injury.
Maintenance – Your perfect mat should be easy to clean (wipe down) and should keep in good shape after consistent use. Many mats look pretty at first but after use 5 times a week for a year, your mat can really show its age quickly. We’re looking for low maintenance, high retention.
Portability – While many people do practice yoga in their own homes, a majority of yoga practice happens everywhere from a studio, to parks, to beaches. A versatile yogi should have a versatile mat. If you only practice in studio or home, you might require a less durable, thicker mat, but if your practice varies you probably want something that is thin enough it is easy to roll and made of a more durable material.
Preference and Budget – Not everyone has a lot of money to throw down on a mat, or might just be starting and unsure of how committed they are yet. By no means do you need to spend a lot of money to get a high quality mat. Additionally, if how a mat is made or what the company stands for matters to you, you should definitely take that into consideration. It will be difficult to really commit to your practice if at the base of it is a mat you couldn’t afford or don’t truly love.
If you’re looking for a place to begin your journey of finding the perfect mat this is a good place to start –
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