December 18, 2017

Top 3 Exciting Experience Gifts

Life is so short and you should enjoy it to the best of your abilities and it is the very same tennets by which the “you only live once” catch phrase or famously known as YOLO is all about. It means, seizing every opportunity you can that will make your life meaningful, fun and exciting.

A way to make the most of your life is being presented with some of the world’s best experience gifts of a lifetime. This brings the short discussion about what would be the best experience. Is it something thrilling? Yes. Something daring? Double yes. How about, something that would leave a permanent mark in your life? Definitely!

Race driving

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Just think of all those days you’ve spent thinking about those great holiday gifts. One of those could have been a great, high-speed and adrenaline pumping racing experience on the track, as an observer or as a participant.  We are not Michael Schumacher nor do we own any car that can run as fast as the ones in Formula One but that will not be a reason not to enjoy this kind of experience.  That will certainly be a top in most gents wish list in their holiday gifts, racing experience and the adrenalin-pumping excitement that goes well with racing.

Sky diving

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If you are not up for grabs on thrilling land-based experience gifts, then go vertical and literally enjoy the sky by doing sky diving! This is one of the most famous experience gift you can ever receive and most countries offer this kind of package to their visitors. If you have a local aviation school in your area, sign up and give yourself a gift that will make you feel the air from 12,000 feet above ground.
Trapeze Lesson

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Not everyone is born a performer and not everyone can somersault mid-air too! Learning to trapeze will be one of the thrilling experience gift you can receive your lifetime. What’s great about this gift experience is that it does not require any athletic skills to be able to perform and enjoy some acrobatic acts.

All the above mentioned experience gifts can be booked in many tour operators or experience gift-giving. You will be amazed by the other choices of once-in-a-lifetime thrills you can give yourself or a loved one.

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