December 17, 2017

Training and Development's Role in Your Personal Life

Learning is a continuous process. Our parents, elders and educators have constantly drilled us on that aspect – to keep learning. Learning comes in many forms. You can learn thru schooling, by researching, by coaching and being a mentee, by reading, hearing and observation, by traveling and by attending workshops and trainings geared for development.

Many may think that training and development is merely for those in the workforce, academe, students and the military. It is actually for everyone who aims to develop their professional and/or personal life.

The role of training and development can be classified into 2 aspects:

1. Professional

Professional training and development entail teachings about how one can incorporate the soft skills (eg., leadership, diplomacy, communication, problem solving and decision making skills, emotional quotient in the workplace) and other skills set learned in the workplace.  Professional training and development works for both the employees and employer as they all benefit from what result of the training and development. This is crucial for both as what skills and theories learned by the staff will be transferred and applied to the day-to-day functions required in the workplace.

2. Personal

Even if you have taken a training for professional purposes, most of these trainings and workshops are actually applicable to your personal life. For example, I have gone through series of trainings from our company’s leadership programme for a year. I know what I have learned is mainly beneficial to being applied in my work area but the plus factor is that, I have tapped my inner leadership abilities and honed my soft skills like communicating with influence, applying the theories I have learned in problem solving and decision making even in personal matters.  I have also been able to practice the art of diplomacy by being more patient and understanding when to shift my role from being a “child” to a “nurturing parent” to an “adult” thru all the things I have learned in all the training and development workshops I have attended in the past.

So, the role of training and development in both our professional and personal life cannot be denied. In fact, it is really a boon to nominate ourselves to these kinds of trainings so we can evaluate ourselves more and see where we can enhance further. And you will see how doing this can be both beneficial to your career and personal life.

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