December 18, 2017

Transition From Real Cigarettes To Electronic Cigarettes

Are you one of those who vowed to quit smoking gradually without punishing yourself with the after effects of withdrawal? Do you plan to lessen your smoking or switch to a better option? If so, then you can always choose another way to smoke with lesser nicotine and no tobacco. Electronic cigarettes will be the best alternative to smoking the real deal.

Electronic cigarettes are small devices created to mimic the taste and feel of real cigarettes without the harmful tobacco and lesser to nil nicotine level depending on the type a smoker chooses. Its appearance is like a normal cigarette but you will see the difference when you see how the E cigs are disassembled, cleaned and batteries replaced or recharged as illustrated in the parts of the E cigs below.

There are various kinds of electronic cigarettes you can find in the market. The initial release of these electronic cigarettes was complicated and the designs were a bit outlandish. Electronic cigarettes these days look more like the real cigarettes minus the smoke. The newer models offer smokers the experience of smoking without the smoke. Some of the models of electronic cigarettes can help smokers gauge how much nicotine level they can infuse using various e-juice flavors produced by some manufacturers like the ones you will find in site.

Electronic cigarette producers have created wide assortment of flavors added to the e cigs. Smokers can choose from the common fruit flavors of peach, strawberry, apple, cherry and even grape. There are also other aromatic flavors to try such as chocolate, cappuccino, cola, cool menthol and vanilla. The infusion of flavors to e cigs makes the transition from the real cigarettes to electronic cigarettes more interesting. Smokers who have tried the transition prefer the e cigs better as they do not leave a bad taste in the mouth, no second hand smoking, no visual residue causing the teeth and nails to become yellow.

The effects of electronic cigarettes as compared to the real ones is better as smoking electronic cigarettes do not emit harmful smoke. People around the smoker will not suffer from second hand smoking. It is non-polluting and non-carcinogenic too.

Smokers may find the electronic cigarettes a better option to move away from the tobacco-laden cigarettes that are harmful to one’s health. Smokers may think that it is a fake cigarette but the sensation and feeling of smoking the real one can still be experienced with the use of electronic cigarettes. Although the presence of nicotine is still found in the electronic cigarettes, the harmful ingredients of the real cigarettes can be abated.

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