December 18, 2017

Watch For A Special Man

My husband will turn 45 in 2 years time. Enough time for me to save money for a special gift for him. He loves watches and he collects all styles and brands but only the mid-range priced ones as we cannot afford the luxury brands.

I casually asked him one time if he ever gets to buy a watch that he really likes from his own money, what would it be. Well, his response is a no brainer – Rolex. Isn’t that the brand most people want? I smiled and joked that I should be doing double time with my work and blogs then if I need to buy him that expensive watch.

There are other luxurious and high quality brands in the market that can be considered good options if my budget doesn’t meet the price of a Rolex. There is the sporty Tag Heuer, Tissot, Bulova, the bright and bold selections of Movado, the high-tech Breitling, the fancy Cartier and Omega.

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I remember my dad’s Oyster Perpetual Datejust Rolex while I grew up. He guarded it because it was really expensive and it still is. So, I guess, the special man of my life also deserves his own Rolex at some point. I want it to be a big surprise.

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