December 17, 2017

Wearever Leak-control Underwear Review + Giveaway

** I received this product for free for testing purposes. My findings and feedback are 100% mine and may vary from yours. I only review products that I like and will find beneficial to my readers.

Accidents happen and I am not talking about the mishaps but the common “leak” accidents experienced by the elderlies and mommies who just gave birth. This “accidents” are what we call incontinence where it is hard to control urination (and even fecal movement).

I have experienced this at one point when I gave birth to my daughter many years ago. I have improved my slight incontinence since then but occasionally experience leakage when I have severe cough. I also have a hard time controlling my bladder and I drink a lot of fluids so running to the restroom is a big challenge for me and even long road trips can pose a daunting task.

The Wearever Leak-control underwear is something I can benefit from because of the many ways it helps to give me confidence when I have to go on a long trip or when I have to sneeze or cough. It has saved me from embarrassment in many occasions already and I am glad to have tried and tested this underwear.

What I like:
It’s made of cotton with lovely lace trimming for a more lady-like feel and design.
It’s machine washable.
It saved me money by cutting down my costs on panty-liner/pads purchases.
It looks like an underwear without feeling and looking very bulky due to the built in pad.
It has built in pad.
It does not leak which is the important aspect I have considered when I wore the underwear.

What I don’t like:
Though it looked like any other ordinary underwear, it is just a tad heavier that my normal underwear due to the built-in pad.

Where to buy:

My recommendation:
Based on my experience wearing the underwear and seeing how it has helped in the leak, I am highly recommending this underwear.

Wearever Leak-control underwear is also available for men.

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