December 17, 2017

Well-Kept Secrets of the Most Photogenic Girls

Looking amazing in photos can often seem like an impossible mission – there are too many things that need to be taken into consideration, and we sometimes simply don’t have enough time to pay attention to all of them. If you would like to know how to look flawless in photographs, here are five useful tips and tricks that can help you accomplish that.

Makeup tricks for perfect photographs

Make sure that your foundation perfectly matches your skin tone since that’s an important prerequisite for amazing photos. If the foundation is too pale or too dark, that will become obvious – especially when a flash hits your skin. Apart from looking unnatural, it’s also unprofessional.

As for your eyes, use at least two coats of black mascara – both on upper and lower eyelashes. Add a touch of bright eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes and voila – you’ll get a wide awake appearance that looks perfect in photos!

Black as the most flattering color ever

Black is well known among the ladies for being one of the most flattering colors ever – which is exactly why girls often choose it for a photo shoot. Everyone agrees that black is slimming, but no one can actually explain why. It probably has something to do with the fact that it hides all the shadows created by bumps and lumps on our bodies, since nothing can be seen on a black background.

So, stick to black and you won’t make a mistake!

Nude strappy sandals for a model-like posture

Strappy sandals have been a major hit in the last few seasons, and girls from all over the globe claim that they are totally worth all the hype. High heels will inevitably elongate your legs, while the two delicate straps will make your feet look thinner and much more sophisticated. They will also perfect your posture and make you look like a top model in a photo. 
As for the color, nude seems to be more than appropriate – it’ll stand out even in a dark and messy backdrop.

An ordinary collared shirt does wonders

A collared shirt is the ultimate clothing staple every fashion-forward girl needs to own, and it surely does wonders in photos. It’s a layering piece that can be combined in a million ways, which is exactly what makes it so attractive and stylish.

Similarly to high heels that elongate your legs, a nice collared shirt will make your neck appear longer, which will help you seem a bit taller. Photogenic girls advise wearing it with the first two buttons undone in order to avoid a stuffy look.

Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses for a touch of femininity 

Off-the-shoulder details have always been one of the most amazing features when it comes to feminine women’s clothing, and the truth is that these look particularly great in photos. Showing off your shoulders and collarbones is a huge hit these days, which is exactly why many girls love wearing such garments. If you have a slightly larger bust, you may want to choose darker colors or even vertical stripes. Also, have in mind that loose clothes may make you look even bulkier, so look for more fitted designs.

The key to looking stunning in photographs lies in appropriate fashion choices, since there are particular colors, models, and garments, as well as makeup tricks which will accentuate your attributes in the best possible way and help you come up with the most fabulous photo that doesn’t need any filters or Photoshop. Use them well!

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