December 18, 2017

What The Snack Girl Says About Weight Watchers

Lisa, the Snack Girl, writes about healthy eating, particularly in the area of healthy recipes, simple snacks and products that she believes have helped her win the battle against her insatiable love for delicious but unhealthy foods such as donuts, when consumed in large quantities.

Anyone considering joining Weight Watchers so that they too can find out if it works for them may want to visit where they will be able to get a discount coupon of their choice to defray the cost.

Recently, Lisa decided to sign up for a free subscription to Weight Watchers. You can read about her story, but the following are some of her thoughts about this weight loss program.

Lisa with her husband and two boys

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Emphasized

Lisa was especially impressed by the fact that Weight Watchers emphasizes the use of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet. You can eat as much of these as you like, because for the most part they are not counted on the PointsPlus calorie calculator. This is great news for those who fear going on any diet plan will leave them feeling hungry all the time. By filling up on fruits and vegetables, there is no room for hunger pains.

Although Lisa was encouraged by the amount of information and resources offered by Weight Watchers, she would have liked to have found a little more support from the “program leader” assigned to her efforts. When she did ask questions, the answers were short and to the point rather than offering her someone with which to relate. In her opinion, unless the individual has a support system of their own, such as a friend who is also following the weight loss program with them, they may be setting themselves up for failure.

Actual Weight Loss Through Valuable Insight

According to Lisa, the best part of the Weight Watchers PointsPlus program is that it actually helped her lose weight, four pounds.

Like others who have decided to join Weight Watchers, Lisa believes that she gained a lot of valuable insight into weight loss that she may never have learned anywhere else. For one, she learned the beer is loaded with calories and that if she wanted to reduce the size of her waistline she would need to cut back on her consumption of this beverage.

Something else she learned was that she needed to stop eating as many snacks. However, when those snacks are fruits and vegetables, like grapes, apples, celery, tomatoes, and broccoli, she is able to eat as much as she likes. The only thing is that you should keep track of any dressings, dips or sauces used with them. This is all just common sense, but Weight Watchers helps you understand how to eat healthier as you watch the pounds disappear.

Lisa was not Keen on Journaling

Although Lisa was able to learn a lot from her experience with the WW PointsPlus program, she quit because she is not all that interested in keeping a journal. Of course, she admits that this in not the program’s fault, but rather her own.

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