December 18, 2017

What To Wear In Extreme Cold Weather

Areas in America and Canada seems to be literally freezing due to the natural phenomenon called “polar vortex.” It is a strong area of low pressure that wanders around the Arctic during winter time. However, its movement had an aberration and slipped farther South, affecting areas in the USA.

Few minutes longer in the frigid weather can cause frostbite as temperature dip as low as 5 F and that is very dangerous. So, what can you wear to keep the heat in your body during this harsh winter condition? Here are some clothing that will help you insulate and stay warm.

Thermal layers
Ensure that the first layer which is closest to your body fits a bit tight to trap the warm air inside but not too loose so that it can remove perspiration. A synthetic material stays dry and warm but can trap odor while woolen material can be itchy but keep you warm. Pick the right material that you are comfortable with as long as you are warm.

The second layer can be a vest, sweater or puff vest with down. These are all warm materials that will certainly keep you dry and warm.

Also wear leggings underneath your pants for added warmth and protection from the bitter cold.

Insulated parka
Top off your layers with an insulated and also waterproof parka.  Ordinary down jackets can keep you warm but can’t repel wind and moisture.

Snow pants
It is best to over your lower body from the harsh winter cold by wearing snow pants on top of your regular pants. The polar vortex is an unforgiving phenomenon. No matter how many leggings you have underneath your regular pants, you can still get very cold.

Wear head gear, ear muffs, woolen socks, thick gloves and scarves
You can lose so much heat from your head to keep it covered with woolen beanie hat. Make sure that your neck, feet, hand and ears are covered as well.

Use snow boots or insulated boots
It is very important to keep moisture away from your feet. Wear woolen socks in layers but make sure you can still move your toes inside for circulation.

It pays to be warm during this extreme weather condition and proper clothing for the bitter cold will keep you safe and warm.

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