December 17, 2017

What To Wear To A Formal Wedding Party

I get excited when I am invited to a wedding, let alone, enjoy the whole ceremony all the way to the reception wearing a formal gown. It is not very often that I get the chance to attend formal weddings but when I do, I make sure that I respect and follow the request of the celebrant. When the occasion calls for a formal gown, I dress up to the nines!

There are plenty of formal gowns in the market these days. Even the internet is proliferating with sites offering fabulous ballgowns to wear to any formal event. A simple search of formal dresses  2016 will yield numerous hits of beautiful formal gowns. My favourite is the wedding reception gowns that provide a myriad of styles to choose.

Below are different styles of gown you can wear to a wedding party whether it is a day time or night time event.

Day Wear Formal Gowns

Materials, style and length are 3 of the common aspects taken into consideration when attending a formal day time wedding party. Usually, a day time wedding party lasts until 4 to 5 p.m. Consider wearing a floor length gown if the party is held indoors or a cocktail dress or any formal dresses with asymmetrical hemline will be perfect.

The materials are important too. Do not wear gowns that are cottony. Buy a gown made that are smooth and satiny like silk can also be layered. You can accessorise your gown with beaded shawls or bolero too.

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Also, proper etiquette must be observed when dressing for a wedding reception. You do not want to outshine the celebrants so most people do not wear white nor off-white. Be respectful of other people too. A conservative cut like not revealing too much skin or not wearing too tight a dress is also a good choice for a formal day time wedding gown.

Evening Wear Formal Gowns

A Black Tie even is an evening type of formal attire description in a formal wedding invitation.  Guests are expected to come to the wedding wearing a tuxedo or a black suit and tie while the ladies are required to wear formal gowns, usually floor length gowns.

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The same precept applies for evening wear formal gowns. However, with evening gowns, you can choose darker shades.

There are plenty of evening gowns with bead works that add flair to a usual style. You can be glamorous with your gown selection as long as you are not wearing something very outlandish.

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