December 17, 2017

Which countries have highest nail fungus

Onychomycosis fungal infection of the nail, popularly known as nail fungus is most common among Americans. Statistics claims that between 2 percent to 14 percent of the population is having nail fungus infections, with the occurrence of such nail infections rapidly increasing with the age. Few children also have nail fungus and this condition is much common in people aged over 55. Nail fungus is rising more in the U.S and U.K countries. It is reported that between 3 to 8 people out of 100 in U.K have nail fungus. Toenails are much commonly infected rather than fingernails. Nail fungus affects up to 3% of the populace mainly in developed countries. Men are more affected to this infection rather than women.
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The rise in nail fungus is believed to be mainly because of the increased risk of infection and detection. Factors contributing to the increased risk of fungal nail infection include the use of public or communal swimming pools, aging of the populaces, spread of HIV, vibrant physical activity and much more. This infection is more than just a cosmetic issue. It can be much painful and also can interfere with various daily activities such as playing sports, typing, walking and several other activities. There are various products such as Zeta clear found in the market to treat this infection. Utilizing this product can aid to provide effective solution.
Causes of nail fungus
Nail fungus is a fungal infection caused by various types of fungi. Fungi are small, microscopic parasitic organisms such as molds and yeasts. These are the two main types of fungi responsible for causing nail infections. Dermatophyte is one such fungus that causes this nail infection and the yeast is the other type that can cause nail fungus. Many different types of yeast can cause this infection. In temperate areas across the world, most nail fungus infections are caused due to the dermatophyte and in the tropic areas yeast commonly cause this infection. In both the infection case, the fungi digest keratin that is the main protein in skin, nails and even in hair.

There are mainly four types of nail fungus classified by the part of the infected nail. There are numerous methods to treat the infected nail. The common symptoms of nail fungus include; nail deformity or thickening, inflammation of the skin surrounding the nail, discoloration of nail bed or plate, separation of the infected nail from the bed, pain and foul smell. Not every discolored or thickened nail is due to nail fungus. It is vital that nail fungus are diagnosed properly to have an effective treatment. Zeta clear is best known for providing best fungal treatment. The zeta clear reviews of the product also states that the people have benefited from this product. Thus, you can choose the best treatment or product by considering zeta clear reviews and by considering your doctors recommendations to treat the infected nail effectively. Treating nail fungus with best product or treatment is essential to completely cure the infection.

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