December 17, 2017

Why Mums and Dads Are Superheroes Wihout The Capes

If there is one thing that Bonza Brats, one of Australia’s leading kids fashion retailer, knows when it comes to parenting, it’s that mums and dads can exceed what normal people could do. Mum’s hug is all that’s needed to heal a kid who’s been hurt. And any difficult situation could be turned around as long as there is dad who gives sound advice and provide support for the whole family. This is what this infographic is all about- how mums and dads are very special.

With this, Bonza Brats, together with It’s My Party blog, hopes that you see the superhero qualities that mums and dads have that easily go unnoticed. The ultimate goal of which is not simply to entertain the whole family, but that parents should see that what they do is very important, and that kids see how their parents are the best gifts they could ever receive.

Why Mums And Dads Are Superheroes Without The Capes – An infographic by the team at Bonza Brats™

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