December 17, 2017

XNSPY – A Compact and Powerful Target Device Monitoring Software


When looking for monitoring or tracking apps people usually look for several things – features, stealth, price, and customer support. Today we are reviewing a target device monitoring software called xnspy, this small yet powerful app has been around for quite some time. It fulfills the criteria mentioned above and is steadily rising in the ranks of tracking and monitoring software; parents, employers and even regular individuals will find this app very useful. The app can be installed on both Android and iOS devices and it works on rooted/non-rooted and jailbreak/no-jailbreak devices. We will start off with mentioning the app’s pros and cons and then proceed to mention its features and functionalities.
·       Small and discrete: The app is small in size and has a great stealth mode that keeps its functioning hidden.
·       Extensive Features: it has great features and offers an array of functionalities, some of which are close to that of professional spying apps.
·       Great Failsafe System: For worst-case scenarios it has a remote lock and remote delete feature that deletes all your personal files and data from your device.
·       Competitive Price: Xnspy offers all the great features at a bargain price.
·       Great Customer Support: The app’s customer service is quick to respond and always willing to help and go the extra mile.

·       Cannot delete individual files
·       Have to get a license for each device you wish to monitor.
·       Does not work on Windows mobile, Blackberry OS, and Symbian

Installation and Features:
Xnspy being a comprehensive target device monitoring software has a long list of great and useful features, some of which we will list and discuss below. Before we go on to the features let us mention some things regarding installation. When you purchase Xnspy you are sent an email with your login credentials, an activation code, and an installation guide. For installing on Android devices, regardless of root status, you will require physical access to the device once only. Once you have installed the app, it goes into stealth mode and that is it, you will be able to monitor the device remotely through the online web-based dashboard. The same process is required for jailbreak iOS devices, but for no-jailbreak devices you do not need physical access to the device and just require the iCloud credentials for installation.
Coming back to the features, as mentioned earlier xnspy has many functionalities but we will focus on the main ones.

The app user will be able to see all call records with details such as contact name, number, date and time, and duration. Call recordings are available as well along with the location the call was made from or received at.

All messages regardless of the channel used can be monitored. SMS, IM chats, and Emails all can be viewed and read from the convenience of the online control panel. IM chats such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, etc are some of the IM chats whose messages can be read.
Location Tracking and Geo-fencing:

This app would not be considered a Target Device Monitoring Software if
it did not have location tracking. With this feature, you can know where the device is currently and where it has been. A geo-fencing feature allows you to set up alerts so that whenever the target device enters or leaves a pre-defined area the software will send you an email alert.
Internet Activity and Calendar Schedules:

The app user can monitor browsing history and any saved bookmarks and can also view calendar entries and any meeting schedules that have been posted on it.
Watchlists and Alerts:

Watchlists for specific words and contacts can be set up as well. This gives the app user a certain amount of freedom, instead of viewing and reading all messages, they can mark certain words that when used in messages send an alert to the app user and he can read them. The same way if a certain watchlisted contact communicates with the user of the target device, xnspy sends an alert to the app user.

There are two packages offered, one is the Basic Edition the other is the Premium Edition, this allows the customers to choose according to the functionality they require. The customers will not have to pay extra for features they do not need. The price itself is relatively cheap as compared to other apps with similar features. The Basic Edition costs as low as $8.32/month and the Premium Edition costs as low as $12.49/month
Remarks and Conclusion:

Xnspy is a pretty serious and feature-rich spy app that is a definite must for someone searching for target device monitoring software. The competitive price and the multiple packages and payment plans make this a bargain monitoring app. The app also has another great feature that you can control multiple devices using the same online dashboard but as mentioned earlier you need to purchase a separate license for use on each device and there is no bulk package as such.  Overall, given its numerous features, ease of use, and stealth functionality this is a definite app to have.

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