December 18, 2017

Yahoo's Auto Compose A Valentine Message Feature

The last time I checked before dozing off was my yahoo account for any pending assignments that I might have missed last night. So, as soon as I got up, I checked my mail right away and I saw a tiny heart pulsating each time my mouse hovers it.

 photo yahoo1.jpg

I got curious because it said “Auto Compose a Valentine Message.” So I thought, this should be interesting. True enough, it is interesting and cute at the same time because once you click the throbbing heart, you will be directed to a new message. There’s a tab in the lower part of the screen towards the left where you can choose the type of message you like to send out.

 photo yahoo2.jpg

I tried all of them (but didn’t send to anyone) just to see what was written. There are 3 choices on the drop down menu:

Crazy in Love

 photo yahoo3.jpg

Friendly Love

 photo yahoo4.jpg

All Outta Love

 photo yahoo5.jpg

They are cute, funny and witty especially the All Outta Love. They kept changing so if you change your mind about the message, just select again from the drop down menu and you’ll get a different message; maybe funnier or cringe-worthy next time.

 photo yahoo6.jpg

Check it out! I might just send something to my dear hubby if everything else fails me!

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