January 4, 2018
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How safe is it to remain at home when the exterminator sprays

Is it safe to be home during pest extermination?

Pest invasions cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage across the US landscape every year. Pests damage crops and forested areas; often carrying diseases as they go. It’s not just the environment around us that suffers from the existence of pests. They can also cause a considerable amount of damage right where we live. Your property could be at serious risk from pests, and you may not even know that the risk exists.
For instance, pests such as termites can take months to undermine the wooden structure of your home. But, they can be difficult to spot, so by the time you know they are there they could have already caused thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. This is why it’s so important to take action to ensure your home is kept free from pests.

Is pest extermination safe?

The issue that some people have, when it comes to using pest control services, is that they are concerned about the safety of the products and processes that are used. The truth is that licensed pest control experts know how to use methods and chemicals in a safe and effective manner. They take account of special circumstances, such as the presence of young children in the household, when they develop a plan for exterminating the pests in your home.

Being prepared for pest control

When you first contact a pest exterminator, to help with the pest problem in your home, they will call out to carry out an inspection. During this inspection, they will:

  • Identify which pests are present.
  • Check for any access points that need to be blocked off.
  • Determine which is the best method for dealing with the pests in your home.

Once the inspection is complete, the exterminator will discuss the issues with you. During this discussion, you will be informed about any actions you need to take in order to ensure that the extermination is completed successfully. You will often be informed that you can remain in the property while the pest control work is carried out; but you will normally need to remain in an area that is not being treated.
Exterminators often recommend that anyone who is likely to be especially susceptible to the presence of chemicals should remain outside of the property while work is being carried out, and while the treated areas are drying. This can include young children, people with breathing difficulties such as asthma and pregnant women. You may also be asked to remove family pets from the premises.
If you have any doubts about the safety of your family during extermination work, you should raise them with the exterminator. They can help put your mind at rest and make sure that you know about any preparations that are necessary, in order to ensure that the extermination is completed safely and effectively. If you follow any guidance you are given, you have nothing to be concerned about.

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