January 25, 2018
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Movie And TV Marathon At Home With The Family

Now that the holidays are over, and we have completely settled to our new place, I can definitely give a good sigh of relief.
The past few weeks leading up to the holidays were very manic as we prepared to move to our new flat.  And with the fuss happening everywhere else, my family and I can certainly give ourselves a much deserved quiet time at home. And what do we do to have a great family time? We watch a lot of movies, and TV series right in the comfort of our home.

Kilyan Sockalingum

No budget for cinemas for us this time.

While others go for a retail therapy, we just sit at home nowadays and catch up on movies we have missed watching in the big screen. We also take turns watching our favorite TV shows. So, staying at home over the weekend to do just that is really a refreshing treat for our family. And it doesn’t hurt our wallets too!
There are plenty of sites where you can watch your favorite movies without having to download anything. Streaming sites are so in now that you don’t even need torrents to get a file. You simply go to some streaming websites to find the movie or TV show you want to watch.
If you’re looking for a feel-good, spiritual, and great movie for everyone in the family, your best bet is Pure Flix. Every movie and show they stream is perfect for families to watch over and over, with more focus on values, clean humor, faith, and Christianity. They even offer a wide selection of homeschooling curriculum too!
Spending time with the family is always a priority for us. When budget permits, we go traveling too. These days since the budget is tight (due to the holidays’ spending and merriment), our time together at home is the highlight of our weekend off from work, and school. The cost that we spent watching at home is a bag full of buttery popcorn, and iced tea.

Charles Deluvio

Doing our TV and Movie marathon at home may not be the most exciting activity for some families. However, with this, there is no need to dress to the nines, no need to watch for the time and hurry, no need to check and fidget with your gadgets, no driving around town and wasting gas, no getting-stuck-at-the-traffic-drama, and no need to stress over small stuff. The important thing is, we are all together at home, enjoying each other’s companies over a bagful of popcorn, and iced tea and a good-hearted flick. And all these things do account for a great family time!
How about you? How do you spend your quiet time at home with your family?

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