January 22, 2018
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Update on the Epoch Polishing Bar Review

This is an update about the Epoch Polishing Bar. I am really happy with the result because it further lightened my nape and cleared the rashes all in all. It is really a product worthy of praise!

Photo not mine.
Aside from the nape issues, it can also smoothen your rough and patchy skin especially the ones on your elbow, behind the upper arm, and the knees. It is also a great product to clean your make-up brushes! Imagine that!

You can purchase this product from Nu Skin by ordering through me or creating your own customer account. Later on, when you like to earn on the side using the product, and also offering them to your family and friends then you can sign as a Distributor. You have to use my distributor number to create your customer account:

Customer account – you can purchase this and all the other products of Nu Skin from any global sites that can allow creation of a customer profile
Distributor account – you can purchase and also distribute as a seller (and earn while doing so!) the many products of Nu Skin in your market and global
The latter is better since you will be able to enjoy the discount not only this product but also the other high-quality products of Nu Skin when you are a distributor. You can find out the benefits of being a distributor here in http://www.nuskin.com.
Please email me at mommaglama at yahoo dot com to register for free or create your customer account to enjoy the amazing products of Nu Skin.

(This is my personal photo. No alteration was done except for the caption.)
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