February 21, 2018
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6 Things Every Mom-To-Be Must Do Before Her New Addition Arrives

People are always quick to lecture about what you need to do before the arrival of your little one comes about, reeling off a long list of this, that and the other. While it’s nice that people want to share with you what worked for them, that doesn’t mean that making the same choices will work for you. The fact is that every mother is different, and so is every baby for that matter, which is why it’s important to do things your way while taking note of seasoned advice.
The lead up to the birth of your first baby can be a stressful and anxiety-filled time. While you’re excited to meet your new addition and welcome them to the world, you are most probably also feeling stressed out and anxious about the concept that in just a few short weeks, you will have a baby in your arms and your whole life will change as a result.
What it is important to do before your little one arrives is get everything that you need to planned out and organized, so that you are under the least amount of pressure possible once your little one makes their appearance. Bearing that in mind, below is a guide to six things every mom-to-be must do before her little one arrives – take note of these tips and implement them, and you can ensure that life after you give birth, is as free of stress as possible.

  1. Buy baby clothes

Regardless of whether you know if you’re having a boy or a girl, it’s vital that before you give birth, you buy plenty of baby clothes. Believe it or not, babies get through clothing at a speed of knots, from dribbling milk down themselves to vomiting, babies make a lot of mess, and so they need a lot of clothing. So before your new addition arrives, it’s crucial that you pack their wardrobe with a range of clothes, whether they’re neutral pieces or not, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you have plenty of items of clothing available. (Because boy oh boy, will you need them!)

  1. Check off necessary baby items

One of the best methods to ensure that you have everything that your new addition will need, from a stroller or travel system to a bassinet or crib to educational toys and a play mat is to write a list and check things off. Don’t be afraid to ask other parents the items that they couldn’t live without. These items include things like a baby sleeping mat that alerts you if their breathing or heart rate drops, a video baby monitor that links to your smartphone, a baby swing, a rounded diaper changing mat so that they can’t roll off, and a white noise machine that helps to create a womb-like environment which will soothe your new addition. As a new mom, it’s natural that you don’t know everything that you need for your little one, which is why asking friends and family for ideas and advice is worth doing, as is reading all of the most up to date pregnancy books.

  1. Decorate the nursery

Before your little one arrives, it’s also vital to ensure that their nursery has been decorated and prepared for their arrival. You can’t bring a baby home to a nursery that smells like wet paint, can you? That’s why it’s so important to ensure that all of the decorating is completed at least two weeks before your little one is due. That way, not only is there time for the fumes to fade, but also plenty of time for you to set up the space with all of your little one’s nursery furniture.

  1. Book the baby photographer

Babies grow incredibly quickly, so if you want to capture your little one in their tiniest stage, it’s vital that you get some beautiful pictures of them. While amateur photography can be fantastic, it’s hard to beat the beautifully natural shots that professionals are able to get. That’s why, if you find a photographer whose style you love, it’s worth booking this newborn photographer in advance, ready for when your little one is born. That way you can ensure that you get some gorgeous shots of your little one within the first few days of their life.

  1. Look up mother and baby classes

The chances are that as part of your prenatal care, you have been attending some kind of pregnancy classes. Whether that’s pregnant Pilates or classes that teach breathing techniques for labor, you have most probably attended a few classes to help make the process of adapting to being pregnant easier, as well as learning how you can make the birth easier for yourself. So it makes sense that once your new addition is here, that you would choose to take them to some local mother and baby classes. For babies, mother and baby classes are a fantastic way to learn key social skills, while for new mommies they are a great way to meet other new parents and build a new friendship group. So before you give birth, take the time to look up what groups are available locallym so that you know what support there is on hand.

  1. Pack your hospital bag

In the lead up to your birth, one of the most important things is that you get your hospital bag packed. Of course, packing it is one thing but knowing what to put into it is completely another. The best thing that you can do is combine the advice of your midwife with tips from your friends or relatives that already have little ones. Make a list of everything that has been recommended to you that you think would be useful, and tick each item off as you pack it.
The fact is that as your due date draws closer, you may find yourself feeling increasingly stressed about what parenthood will bring. However, if you take note of the tips and advice above about how to prepare for the arrival of your new addition, those first few weeks of parenthood don’t have to be as stressful as you have imagined that they will be.

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