February 9, 2018

How To Adjust To Your Partner's Sleeping Habits For A Better Sleep

Sleep is a very important factor in my life. I cannot have a non-quality sleep because I can be very cranky when my sleep is not full 8 hours. I just have to have it. Not only that it is important to one’s health and well-being, having a proper sleep keeps me up on my toes the whole day.
I grew up sleeping in my own queen-size bed that my parents bought when I was young. They said I was a kicker while I sleep and that I slept better when I wasn’t co-sharing with my sister. Hence, the very big bed to myself so even my sister could enjoy a quality sleep away from me.
Sleeping alone in my big bed wasn’t a forever thing. I got married and thankfully, my husband is not a kicker like me. However, he does love hogging the comforter. Even with my kicking while asleep, we managed to give each other enough space and time to get fully rested. So, how do we sleep like babies through the night and still get up fresh in the morning? We talk about them and make adjustments. It wasn’t a walk in the park but it did help us to give each other the quality sleep we deserve.

Here are some tips that helped us adjust to each other’s sleeping habits which may work for you as well.

Talk about the issue with your partner and compromise

I was completely shocked when I got married because it meant I would be sharing a bed with someone for the rest of my life. So, how was my kicking while asleep and his own sleeping habits fit in our marriage? We talked about them and laid out our sleeping preferences as early as possible. 21 years later, we are still getting our quality 8-hours of sleep because we know what cannot work. We both accepted our sleeping habits as part of our persona. It was hard to correct them because we are both asleep so who would do the that? Just laying them out on the table was a good start for us. At least we knew how each other sleep.

Switch the TV off

It is a house-rule for my family to switch the TV off before 10:00 in the evening during work/school days. We only allow ourselves some nice late night watching during weekends.

Keep your bed linens clean

Photo by Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash

Do you like smooth textures for your bed linens? How about soft, clean, and cool linens? We both do. We change our bed sheet, pillow cases and blanket every week. It can be a lot of work and laundry but it helps give us a quality sleep when the bed linen is fresh..

Keep it dim

I have a fear of the dark but my husband loves to sleep in a pitch black room. I told him to adjust a little by leaving a mini light on in one corner of the room for slight illumination. I get really frightened in dark places, more so if I am going to sleep in it. My husband is kind enough to adjust for my fear in order to give me a decent sleep by allowing a small night lamp on. Initially, he would use an eye mask to sleep until he got used to it. I know it is such a tall order for him to do that for me but I sincerely appreciate it.

Have the right temperature

We agree in keeping the bedroom’s temperature at 21ºC. It is a middle ground for my family and no one complains on the temperature. We hike it up and it gets too hot. So we maintain our room’s temperature to that.

Buy the right mattress

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Sleeping in the wrong bed with a very wrong mattress can cause you a good night’s sleep. It is always advisable to invest in a good mattress to provide proper support to your body, and weight. Our bed is very comfortable with a high comfort level spring mattress. It reminds me of those fancy beds in hotels during our travels. Our bed is like that so it adds good value to the quality of our sleep.

Noise factor

My husband can fall asleep in a snap and that is literally speaking. I keep teasing him that he must have a sensor in his body that makes him fall asleep in less than 10 seconds. I, on the other hand, is the fussy one. The room has to be totally quiet that you can hear a pin drop. The only sound I want to hear when I want to sleep is the low brr-brr sound our central air condition makes. To help me fall asleep faster, I use ear plugs to block the noise (including the snores, surrounding noise outside the room, etc). It does help me fall asleep faster.

Keep the room smelling good

Lavender has soothing properties that helps calm our nerves. Our room smells like lavender at night. I use a lavender pillow mist on our pillows to calm our minds, and it helps make us fall asleep faster.  Even our room spray is lavender.  We don’t keep food in the room to prevent unnecessary scent wafting around as it may derail our sleep, and it is also unsanitary.
Below is an infographic of more tips to help you sleep better with a partner.


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