March 5, 2018
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9 Makeup Tips You Need To Know To Knockout Every Look

Everybody loves to dress up!  Can you imagine anyone who doesn’t?  Whether you’re headed to a friend’s destination wedding to serve as bridesmaid or, just picking up a couple of bags of must-haves at the grocers, you want to look good — of course!
In many ways makeup helps you achieve that but, where are 10 tips on putting on makeup which many women seem to forget or even deliberately ignore.  Keep in mind these 10 tips if your want to knockout every look you can put together with the wardrobe you own and bound to own some time in the near future:
Tip No. 1:  Treat Facial Skin
Makeup is a great remedy for blemishes. It is a tool that you can use to perfect your naturally imperfect complexion — after all, everybody has blemishes. If you are experiencing some wrinkles and fine lines, you can use Stemuderm to get wrinkle free skin. Remember though that your natural, bare skin is the key secret in achieving beautiful skin, with or without makeup.
That said, always start your makeup routine by treating your skin.  If you have very little time to prepare, this is the part you can’t afford to skip.  Keep in mind that if you fail to give your skin the right nourishment it needs to stay healthy all day long, it will fail you too.  So take the time to lock in those essences and moisturizers.

Tip No. 2:  Treat Skin Around Your Eyes Some More  
Don’t forget that skin around your eyes may need extra help.  Plump skin around these parts with your eye serum for faster absorption but, if you have problems with deep, dark circles and puffy eyes, you may have to use a thicker, cream-based formulation like Eyevage.  If you feel your eyes are dry, you should also moisturize it with an eye dropper.
Tip No. 3:  Use a Sheer Cover Up That Lets Your Skin Breathe  
Begone with those thick foundations!  Who needs a thick cover up when you have a great skin to begin with?  Time to switch to a lighter, sheerer cover up — BB Cream.  These creams often already come with its own SPF and moisturizers which eliminates the need for you to layer more products.
Tip No. 4:  Conceal Only The Prominent Imperfections  
Not every dark spot or wrinkle can be covered by your BB Cream.  Use a concealer to give you more intense coverage but, remember to choose your battles.  Concentrate on the more prominent imperfections or people will mistake you for the hired party clown.
Tip No. 5:  Line Your Eyelids And Lips With Concealer  
Always do this step before putting on your pigments.  Concealer helps texturize your eyelids and lip color.  It will keep your pigments in place and keep it from slipping off of your face.
Tip No. 6:  Have a Plan Before Putting On Your Colors  
There are factors you should consider before putting your makeup colors on — where you’re headed, what time of day it is, what the affair is, if you will be photographed, if it will be hot and humid where you’ll be, and what dress you are wearing.
Tip No. 7:  Never Underestimate The Power Of a Great Eye Makeup  
Consider putting a nude gradient effect to your eyes.  Always start with white powder first to make the colors pop out.  Then, blend your more pigmented colors.  You may need some practice blending and buffing to get it right.  As for your eyelash, you may not even need a mascara if you’ve been using an eyelash enhancer. Soon enough, you’ll see longer, thicker natural eyelashes that will eliminate the need to wear falsies.
Tip No. 8:  Use Highlighter To Line Your Waterline
It makes your eyes look livelier and larger.
Tip No. 9:   Smile Back In The Mirror And Have a Good Time
Makeup is just makeup.  It does help boost your confidence but, it doesn’t make who you are.
Use makeup for a definite purpose, and don’t make it your blanket for confidence.  What goes on in your mind, heart and spirit eventually show up on your face too. So be good!

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