March 3, 2018
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Clean and Fresh Hair Even After Workouts

I have a curly and frizzy hair so I always make sure that my hairstyle is neat.  My usual look is very simple with less maintenance whether I am going to work, to the grocery doing some errands, and even when I am going for a walk or a jog.
To me, there is no such thing as having to be lousy when running out and about to lose weight because my hair will smell sweaty and feel dirty afterwards. I always have to make sure that my hair is tied neatly and still look glamorous even after a long workout.
How do I transition my work look to workout look without having to change hairstyles? Simple, I style it by tying it or putting it in a bun or even a messy bun as long as it is tied properly. And, I always have a small towel to blot perspiration from my scalp to keep my hair and scalp smelling and looking fresh.
Below are really helpful tips to keep your hair looking, and smelling fresh all day even after a serious workout or being out and about the whole day. If you also love to go swimming as part of your workout routine and would still like to maintain your hair color if it’s treated then you can get more helpful tips from this custom hair color page of eSalon.


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