March 12, 2018

How to Determine If I Need a French Drain

A French drain is a drainage system that can remove large amounts of water from your property and move it away to eliminate continued water damage. Below are a few ways to determine if this type of drainage will work for your property.

Do you have a consistently wet or flooded basement?

Living in an area that has a high water table can lead to a basement that is always wet and floods easily after rain storms. It is not unusual if the soil is already saturated and cannot absorb and move water away. The installation of a French drain will direct the water off away from your home and sent down to drainage areas that can move it on away from the immediate area.

Does water constantly pool in your yard?

Low areas in the yard and on your property are prime spots for localized water pooling and flooding. Adding a French drain water collection and drainage system will help improve this problem that is detrimental to your soil and lawn.

Does water gather around the foundation of your home after rain?

The foundation of your home is designed to withstand quite a bit of moisture, but standing water can prove too much. The water will begin to seep through and flood the basement and begin deteriorating the foundation. You need a French drain installed that will pull the pooled water away from the foundation and move it out and away from the house.

Is your driveway under water every time it rains?

Standing water in your driveway can easily begin to wash out the soil beneath the concrete, asphalt and gravel surface. Preserving the integrity of the support to your driveway is critical to reducing the chances of premature failure. A French drain will keep the water from building up and covering this area of the property.
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