March 31, 2018
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Tips On How To Squeeze In Small Workouts At Work to Keep Fit

We are becoming a generation of sedentary people. I am not sure if I need to thank technology for that but everything we used to do manually when I was young are all automated. And when it is all automated, there is less manual input required and not much calories are burned.
The workplace is one area where we get to sit all day and crunch numbers and analyze data. Some people are lucky to work in a field where outdoor activities are required like sales people, site inspections, etc. If your day job is like mine where 8.5 hours of your time is spent in front of the computer, then we are doomed, health-wise. However, that should not be the case! We can still be fit while working by squeezing in small workouts during break time and even at our workstation to keep the circulation going and the cardio pumping.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

I usually bring spare t-shirt when I need to stay longer hours at work. That means, I can change into something casual later on so I can do simple squats in my own workstation without the prying eyes of everyone. If you’re a guy, then you can easily remove your business shirt while wearing a nice workout shirt underneath.
When it’s a bit chaotic in the workplace, I go inside the loo and lock myself in our office’s nice cubicle and do simple arms exercises and sideway bends just to keep going. I do 2 reps of each routine so I am approximately away for about 10 minutes, like a mini tea break. Any small activity that can increase my heartbeat is good enough than not doing anything at all.
Another form of simple exercise is when walking to a farther restroom when you want to use the comfort room. I usually walk to the very far end of the office or sometimes use a different floor’s ladies room just to insert some walking exercise while at work. Those steps surely count.
Use the stairs. This is a good way to pump up the cardio. My office is way on top of the building’s floor and since I am not very fit as much as I want to be, I try to take the plight of stairs until a certain floor and use the lift from there on.

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

I also park my car far from the entrance. Our office car park building is well-lit and has CCTV and security officers roaming around regularly so I feel safe parking far from the entrance but still very visible from the public. If you do not have this kind of parking area, do not try doing this. I just use that distance as a means to add extra steps on my walk to burn calories. But hey, safety first! Skip this one if you don’t have a safe parking area to leave your car.
These are just few of the simple little workouts I squeeze in during my busy days. I also have a treadmill at home that I use when I am unable to do some simple exercises.
We all owe it to ourselves to be fit and healthy. Let’s start moving!

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