April 13, 2018
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How to Support Your Husband When He’s Going Through a Tough Time

Has your husband recently lost his job? Is his health not the best? Perhaps he just lost someone close to him? It can be difficult as a wife to “sit on the sidelines” and see your husband suffer. Though these things aren’t happening to you directly, your love and connection to him cause you to feel it indirectly. Not to mention, you simply hate to see someone you love stressed or in pain. If you’re not sure what to do to show your husband you care, these tips should provide some insight.

Give Him Some Space

If the news or event is fresh, right now, there may not be much you can do for your spouse other than let him know you’re here if he needs you. At this time, it is simply best to give him some space and allow him to grieve. If he needs a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or a moment of affection, you can be there to provide that for him. Otherwise, allow him time to sit with his thoughts and determine his next steps.

Educate Yourself

If you haven’t personally gone through the same experience as your spouse, you can get a better understanding of what they may be feeling by educating yourself. Talk to others who have gone through similar situations and ask what helped get them through. They can provide you with advice on how to show love to your spouse. You can also talk with a therapist to try and gain more clarity on the subject.

Encourage Him to Get Help

Is your husband suffering from mental health issues like depression or bipolar disorder? Have you noticed reckless behaviors like the abuse of drugs or alcohol? If so, you need to encourage your husband to get help. This may mean finding a residential drug treatment program or looking for a therapist that specializes in common mental health problems.

Relieve the Burden Where You Can

Think about the things that your husband is responsible for on a daily basis. Are there things that you can do for him to lighten the load for a while? No, you can’t go to work for him. However, you can do any household chores, spend extra time with the kids, and make sure that the routine stays intact. This reduces his stress and allows him time to heal.

Take Care of Yourself

Caring for a spouse who’s going through a difficult time is a huge responsibility. It requires you to be your best. If you’ve been neglecting your own needs, pretty soon you won’t be much help to your spouse. It is important to continue to take care of yourself. This includes maintaining good hygiene, participating in regular activities, and seeking medical or professional help if you’re also suffering emotionally.

Life has a way of coming at you hard – and when you least expect it. When your life partner has been faced with an ordeal that alters his everyday life, your heart breaks for him. While he may be distant and moody at times, there are ways you can show him you’re in his corner. Give him space, educate yourself, lighten the load where you can, but most importantly, remember to take care of yourself. If you’re not in good health, there’s no way you can support him while he’s down.

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