April 15, 2018
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How to Take Care of Your Wellbeing as a Busy Mom

When you’re a mother of one child or six, you are usually always on the go. There tends to be a constant list of things to do, and it often seems like if you take a break, the list keeps growing. Staying on top of it all requires a great deal of organization, but somehow, you manage to make it through every day. Have you ever stopped and thought about how mentally draining this can be and the importance of giving yourself a break? If so, then you’ve probably been thinking about things you can do to both physically and mentally unwind. Below are three ways that you can take care of your wellbeing as a busy mom.
Find Engaging Activities to do

Being a mom is probably one of the greatest things you’ve ever done. Whether you like it or not, most of your time is likely to be spent meeting your child’s needs or thinking about ways that you can do so. For this reason, it’s important that you try and dedicate time to yourself and cater to your personal needs. This means going out without the kids and finding activities to do that will keep you mentally engaged and take your mind off of the workload you have at home. You could consider meeting up with other busy moms and unwinding over a nice meal. Another idea would be to do something fun like going to an escape room where you can dedicate an hour to trying to solve the mystery of your choice as opposed to worrying about the children. If you happen to live in the Nashville area, you can type ‘Escape Room Nashville’ into a search engine and visit their website to learn more about the games and how to book.  
Join a Support Network
Even though there are millions of mothers around the world; when things get tough, it can seem as though you’re the only one that exists on the planet. It can then become emotionally and mentally draining, and you may need someone to talk to that you can relate to. If you feel isolated and don’t feel you have enough support, you should look for a support network where you can speak to other mothers who are in support of one another. You may find it useful as you’re likely to learn things from other experienced parents and also know that you aren’t alone and others are going through similar things. You may find other moms sharing the imperfect moments of their lives therapeutic, and it could be the one thing that gets you through each day.
Find Time to Shut Down Physically

Often, when you rest as a mother, your mind is likely still on the millions of other things that you have to do. It is likely that you’re worried about tons of other things, so your mind and body don’t end up getting the adequate rest they need. It is important that you take time out to completely shut down and stop thinking for a little time every day. Some ways to give your mind rest include opening your five sense doors to whatever is happening around you so you can fully focus on relaxing, not allowing thoughts to stick, and letting go of opinions and judgments.
Parenting is a full-time job, and although it’s an ongoing job, you should find time to rest. If you aren’t in good shape, you won’t be able to give your kids the best, so take time out to do things other than parenting to keep your mind and emotions alive. By doing so, you should find that you still have an identity outside of being a mother which should help you feel fulfilled and happy as a person.

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