April 21, 2018
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Review – Esqido Starlet Lashes

My natural lashes are what you can call regular ones. They are neither full nor thin, not long nor short. They are in the middle so even when I was younger, I didn’t see the need to wear false lashes to enhance them.
I have always thought that my eyelashes were good enough to be obvious that people would notice them right away. However, I stand corrected on that thought because only few could notice my mid-range lashes until I tried Esqido False Lashes. My opinions were changed.


  • My lashes were not very full.
  • My eyes looked tired.
  • My eyes looked so plain, add to that, I barely wear eye make-up too.


  • My eyes suddenly looked very alive.
  • My eyelashes instantly looked very full and long.
  • My whole aura looked perky.
  • I looked few years younger.


What do you think?


I am very new to this experience. I haven’t really tried putting faux eyelashes yet. After reading the instruction card (also available in their website) carefully and examining the ESQIDO mink lashes in the sophisticated box it came with, I started the application.

I carefully lifted the lashes using my tweezer so I wouldn’t damage the lashes then measured it on my natural lash lines just as how it was shown in the instruction card. I just nipped a very small area out of the cotton band of the lashes so it would look natural when glued. Speaking of glue, this is not an ordinary glue you use in the office or in school. It is meant for the eyelashes to hold securely on your natural lash line.

I applied the ESQIDO eyelash glue on the cotton band of the lashes and waited for few seconds for it to set and become sticky. I then applied the eyelash very close to my natural lash line. I didn’t do it in one try because I was shaking a lot. I spent several minutes applying the lashes onto my natural lash line. And this is not the fault of the product, just for clarity. I just didn’t have the experience and dexterity of holding the lashes still. Practice makes perfect.

And for someone who has an aversion with anything being put on or even near my eyes area, I would seriously freak out! But this was different. I was really curious as to how I would look like after applying them.

The third try on the initial lash was successful. I managed to stick the lash correctly which was very close to the natural hair line of my eyelashes.  The 2nd lash was applied very quickly because I already knew how to hold my hand still. And this is an achievement of epic proportions! Not only did I manage to put 2 faux Esqido mink lashes, I also overcame my fear of putting anything close my eyes. These pretty lashes are practically glued on my skin and my struggles were worth the time and effort.  For the well-practiced faux eyelashes wearer, putting these lovely and luxurious lashes will just be a breeze. Points to Esqido!

My eyes looked plain without the Esqido lashes. After putting the Esqido lashes on, I don’t need to even put on make-up. My face lit up just like that.


The lashes are easier to remove than to apply, in my experience as a newbie. I know later on as I get the hang of it, I will become an expert applying faux lashes.

I soaked a cotton bud with normal make-up remover. I dabbed it on the faux lashes band until the glue wasn’t sticky anymore. I cleaned the cotton band of the lashes with the same make-up remove, gently dabbing it on the lashes with a cotton bud.  And I returned the lashes in its original box to maintain its shape and keep it clean.  There’s no need to soak the lashes.


Esqido specializes in luxurious mink lashes that is high quality and a favorite of A-Listers in the modeling and Hollywood scene like Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, and other Victoria Secret Angels, to name a few.

The brand carries other lashes that will suit every individual depending on your profile. You can check which lashes would look best on you in their lash guide to help you find the right one.

I have the Starlet Mink Eyelash from their Mink Lashes Collection. And there are more to choose from, trust me, there’s a lot and if I could just have more than what I can manage then I would buy myself another pair soon.


I chose the Starlet Mink Eyelash set and also got the Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue which you will buy separately. The storage is a dainty white box with a magnetic flip cover and a very sophisticated pink lining inside. The eyelashes are nestled in a clear plastic mold to prevent damage and to maintain its arched shape.
The set comes with a care and application instruction to help you apply and care for your lashes.


You can purchase some beautiful and lush lashes from Esqido by clicking the link below. You get to  to have the fabulous eyelashes like the one I have or choose from the many styles they have.


I am very amazed with the quick transformation and there were just few effort to note of. The result is outstanding for me! I think I don’t even need to accentuate it further with make-up. I just love them the way they are on my eyes. My recommendation is very obvious. You should try these lashes from Esqido.

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