May 18, 2018
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How Do We Lose The Pounds

Well, I have been into a “yo-yo diet” for few years now. I have tried Atkins (it worked for a while but I went astray…..lack of discipline! I’m guilty of that.), South Beach, have taken tea bags which claim to make you lose weight but honestly, the opposite happened. I just got fed up of losing and gaining the pounds.

So you might wonder, how do we really lose the pounds after all? Based on my experience, the best way is to just eat healthily and exercise, exercise, exercise. Yup, it’s not an easy task but with hard work and determination, you will absolutely see the results.
So, before I go, let me share this small trivia on exercise: when you exercise, your pituitary gland releases’s a biochemical compound which is a harbinger of “happiness” in your body! Also a pain-killer…No wonder I am always happy!
Good luck and keep moving! Exercise your way to being slim and trim.

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