May 19, 2018

How to Remember Special Occasions

always remember special occasions. I guess it’s my “hidden” ability to recall memorable dates of family and friends, including their wedding anniversaries. I don’t know why I faltered one time in the most special of all special occasions in my life – my very own 10th year wedding anniversary!
Last year, on 11 January, I woke up, did what I had to do for that day to prepare myself to work. My hubby was of course all smiles. I thought he just had a nice sleep. We drove as usual to the office and I still didn’t realize why he had that “smile” pasted on his face. At the back of my mind, “my honey seemed to be weird today…” Time passed by, it was already afternoon. My hubby’s well-lit, smiling-face suddenly dropped when he said, “Happy 10th Year Anniversary, in case you forgot.” Uh-oh… I just did =)
So, I promised myself, crossing all my fingers (and toes!) that I’ll never, ever, ever, forget special days of my loved-ones. Here’s how:
1. Subscribe to or other online services which provides reminders for special occasions like The former is my favorite site though I have signed up with American Greetings too but it has membership fee. Birthday is free!
2. If you’re the old-school type of person and would rather put everything in paper then buy a journal or greeting cards organizer kit (you can buy these in the bookstore or arts and craft/scrapbooking centres) where you can jot down special dates.
3. Set 2 weeks in advance alarms in your PDA or mobile phones.
4. Encirle your calendars with bright highlighters or colored pens. I do this every January of the new year so that way I will remember everyone’s dates and mark them all the way to December!
5. Send greetings few days in advance so if in case you actually forget the exact occasion on the exact date, at least you have already mailed an e-card or posted thru the snail mail a card to wish your family or friends.
I am very keen now on sending my greetings way in advance so I don’t forget anything. Try these things and if you have other ways of doing it, please feel free to share.
Don’t forget OK?
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