June 9, 2018
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Underarm Sweat Pads Review

It may be embarrassing to even acknowledge this but I sweat profusely.  When I was young, my parents would always keep a piece of cloth on my back to absorb the sweat and I was a very skinny kid up until I reached my mid 30s. And when I got very rotund, I even perspired more than I used to because of the added “insulation” in my body. My sweat glands are very active and it is making me feel very conscious especially when I am out and about.

Living in this country didn’t help in my condition. It actually made it worse because the temperature is very unforgiving so I keep sweating here. And thank goodness for lifesavers like this Underarm Sweat Pads from Bearyless.com, I can wear nice clothes without showing any stain marks and still feeling fresh.

The sweat pads are not thick so you won’t notice they are stuck on the sleeves of your blouse, shirt or coat. It has adhesives in each flaps so it stays in place on your clothes even if you move around or sway your arms.
The sweat pads have velvety and cottony feel to it. It didn’t leave any rashes nor caused itchiness while I was using them. They absorbed my underarm sweat and my clothes smells so fresh like I didn’t perspired at all.
It comes in 50s in a pack so you get 25 clear packs with 2 sweat pads inside as a pair.

As for usage, I don’t use it daily. I only use it on my nice coats and blouses that I don’t want getting sweat stains on like my silk light-colored blouses. It is hard to have them professionally washed and costly too so I don’t want any sweat stains on them. I also put them on my business coats.
I still have few left and I am eager to replace my stock again for future use.
The sweat pads are available at Bearyless.com.
Bearyless.com is a budding online store where you can find cute and custom made and exclusive designed products. So if you’re also looking for gifts to give your family and friends or want a custom made jewelry for yourself or have a tote bag with exclusive design you won’t find anywhere else, then Bearyless.com is your place to shop. Prices are reasonable and shipping time (I received my parcel around 14 days from the day I purchased it) is rather decent and acceptable given the flat shipping rate of only $4.95 worldwide. I can’t complain about that.


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  1. I’ve never heard of a sweat pad before. I am a very active person and like Rose, I hate it when my underarm gets wet from walking. I will check this out.

  2. To be honest, I have not thought that sweat pads are readily available now 🙂 I think they are very useful especially if one’s work involves speaking or performing in front of many people. Without the sweat evident in one’s underarm area, it will make the speaker or performer look cool despite the “grueling” performance and the hot weather.

    1. Agree with that Deli. I use it now bec the weather is unforgivingly hot here. I sweat like crazy! Hahaha

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