June 5, 2018

Working With Style: Say Goodbye to Boring Scrub Styles and Step Into Something New!

Men, women, and children, scrubs are your new best friend! You see them everywhere. Scrubs are the new pajamas, the new leisure wear, and the new all-purpose fashion statement.
According to the Huffington Post, “Scrubs are built to last, so if you want apparel that will return your investment in durable wear, scrubs should be your best friend.” Durable, economic, easily cleaned, and totally comfortable, scrubs are the fashion version of zen.
You can nurse in them, of course, but you can also use them to sleep, shop, lounge, workout, or practice yoga. And, that has users saying “goodbye” to boring scrub styles and stepping into something new.
Working with style – one cut does not fit all
Sales suggest men prefer pockets on their scrubs, longer tails in the back to hide that plumber’s butt, and pants with zippered flies. That’s pretty much what “style” means to them.
Men go for easy-to-reach multi-pocketed tops and pants. They like pen slots, cargo pockets, instrument pockets, and velcro closures. And, they want loose-fit or athletic-fit straight leg pants.
They will opt for illustrated patterns when they work in pediatrics or geriatrics, but most men look for comfort, durability, monochrome looks.
Women want options in colors and patterns, often with contrasting tops and bottoms. They expect to alter necklines and wear wraparounds when the temperature drops.
More likely to wear their scrubs in non-clinical situations, women look for the durability, comfort, and style suited for shopping, mommying, sleeping, and school.
Say “goodbye” to boring scrub styles
Most hospitals will fund the cost of scrubs where specific styles and colors are required by the employer. Plain, non-descript scrubs have long been required for operating room or emergency room wear. In most hospitals, they are required by surgical and triage protocols. They are designed to avoid contamination and are often covered with aprons.
Different surgical functions may wear different colors. Nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists, and technicians usually wear scrubs color-keyed to their function. Patterns and non-standard colors only confuse the surgery system.
But, outside the surgery theater, you can step into something new to work with style. You still need not worry about skirts, hosiery, high heels, tight waists, collars and ties, or stain-prone dress shirts and blouses. But, you can still introduce something of your own taste and style.
In clinical and office situations — doctor offices, dental practices, chiropractic care, ophthalmology functions, veterinary treatment, physical therapy, and more —  where you own your own scrubs, you can now show more independence.
Stepping into something new
Wearing a uniform everyday might leave you feeling dull, uncreative, and unattractive. Despite the convenience and comfort of scrubs, they can feel like they are just hanging on you. So, more people are looking for something hip and stylish.
So, what style features appeal to users?

  • Proper fit: Short or tall, lanky or full-figured, petite or plus-sized, your comfort begins with good fit. The loose and baggy operating room scrubs are discarded on leaving surgery. On the floor or street, you want a comfortable but attractive fit.

Doctors and nurses still need a fit that does not restrict movement, lifting, or reaching. But, new styles and designers have stepped up to design functional comfort, especially in tops. You can find several options at Med Couture and view their collection online.

  • Pocket place: Medical professionals can’t carry many personal things. There is not much security on the job, and they must carry too many professional tools. The average practitioner needs many instruments at hand and doesn’t have room for cigarettes or make-up kits.

Scrubs need convenient pockets, sleeves, and loops to carry all their tools. They have pens, stethoscopes, pen lights, thermometers, probes, and more. They may even carry smartphones and other medical mobile devices. Generally, men use pockets differently than women, and they prefer them within reach at different places.

  • Belt free: Scrubs are comfortable with wider legs and without restrictive belts. But, with all the wear and tear, physical activity, and give and take, you want things to stay in place.

Good design and new materials let you choose among different drawstrings or ties. Surgical personnel can’t wear buttons, but buttons are a choice for other situations. Drawstrings or buttons are strictly functional, so you won’t find them decorative. Still, you’ll might see drawstrings in contrasting colors, fitted waists, or elastic waistlines.

  • Comfort breathability: The big and baggy surgical scrubs can be uncomfortably loose for normal wear. The new scrubs use soft and flexible fabrics to keep you at ease. Synthetics and cottons breathe to keep you comfortable when running around the work floor, picking up the kids at school, doing your yoga exercises, or joining friends for lunch.

Unique combinations of cotton blends with polyester and Spandex assure comfort, breathability, durability, stain-resistance, and washability. And, they reduce costs by replacing other wardrobe needs.

  • Prints galore: Men trend to grays, blues, and blacks. But, where permitted by the employer, more men and women are opting for patterns to express some individuality, match their assignment, or just to change up from time to time.

Women choose among assorted floral, geometric, polka dotted, and striped patterns. Men and women will wear warm colors and patterns for hospice care or animals and cartoon characters to cheer up pediatric patients.
Working with style
Doctors and technicians can even bring style to the lab with different cuts in lab coat designs. And, you can wear tech jackets or warm up jackets for those freezing areas of the hospital or to add comfort on your way home.
According to the Los Angeles Times, nurses have only been wearing pants since the 1970s. So, scrubs have become a sign or their independence and control. Scrubs indicate who they are and the functions they serve. And, they save users money by providing comfort, durability, and easy care.
For those who want more style in their workwear, for those who want to wear their scrubs for function and fun, scrubs now allow them to make a personal statement, too.

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