July 29, 2018
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Personalize It with Minted

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I love personalizing my stuff and even the gifts I send out to family and friends. Whether I am sending out greetings for the holidays and special occasions or making sure my gifts are all wrapped in our personalized family wrapper, or just my books having my personalized name labels  are enough to give a smile on my face. I am sure, others would also enjoy seeing their stuff properly labeled and receive cards that are specially customized for the recipient’s glee.

Personalizing thing is a good way of showcasing you care for the receiver or just a personal style that you want to express through the many fresh designs you will find from Minted. It makes  everything unforgettable and stands out from the rest. Thus, making the item more special.

With the many technology on high quality printing using various mediums on different kinds of materials, personalizing things does not end on paper products alone.  And because of this, there are many options on items that you can personalize to make them unique from the many generic products in the market.

Business Cards

Gone are the boring and old templates of business card making. With Minted.com, you can select from many pop and colorful design if that speaks volume about your personal style. And if you prefer being subdued and yet, still feeling funky and modern, these designs will surely elevate your business cards amongst the rest.

Front of business card
Back of business card

You can try this new Foil-Pressed Business Cards from Minted for that extra oomph.

Front foil-pressed
Back foil-pressed
Foil-pressed business card detail

Notebooks, journals and planners

Back to school is fast approaching! Surprise your kids with their very own personalized notebooks, journals, and even planners to help them organize their time, tasks and activities. These cute designs are really stand out and their classmates will even like the colorful designs! Cool items for the cool kids!

Name and address labels

Put name tags on your items or use them as your return address labels too. No matter how you use them, they are certainly going to make your items super personal.

Gift Wrappers

Present your gifts with your very own personalized gift wrappers from Minted.com. You can use it for the Holiday season, for someone’s birthday or just a general wrapper for someone special. In Minted, you can upload your family (including your furry pals)  to be included in the design. Make your wrapper special with the Custom Wrapping Paper from Minted.com.

(Our very own customized Christmas gift wrappers from Minted.com!)

Art and Photo gifts

Art works are great gifts to give or have to spice up a room or space. You can create photo art to give to your family or friends or make one for your very own place. You can select many variations from Minted’s fresh designs.

Like that one? Get it here:  Apple For The Teacher Wall Art

There’s nothing more special than a well-thought gift or item that has been personalized for the owner to enjoy and keep. So, head on to Minted.com for your personalized gifts and stuff.


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  1. I love the personalized gift wrappers! I’ve heard about minted, but I haven’t tried it yet. I will check this out because I also want a personalized gift wrapper. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Personalized gift wrappers are really unique. Like you, I love receiving personalized gifts, too! You will really appreciate the gift-giver who takes the time to find the gift that the recipient will appreciate.

  3. The business cards are really cool 🙂 Gone are the days indeed (thankfully!) when all our business cards are just plain white. While in the “old days”, you might want to choose a different color for your card, it would be much more expensive than the plain white ones. More options for business cards as well as other items like wrappers, journals and art gifts are always good news 🙂

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