July 23, 2018

Tips for your florist business on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, a day to pamper, spoil and make that special woman in your life feel appreciated. People often forget, during the busy hours of the day, to be grateful for their mothers. Be it you wife, your grandmother, or your aunt, or mother, they all deserve to be reminded just how important they are to you and the society. Not many but most would agree that mothers are the backbone of a family. The one that nurtures each individual and loves them unconditionally. What is a world without mothers?


So, this Mother’s Day, let your flower shop do the talking. Project the image and message you want to share to the world and make mothers your muse. It is not everyday you can dedicate a whole 24 hours or a week to mothers. Have unique designs ready for your display case for those who wish to drop by your store themselves and pick out exactly what flower arrangement or hand bouquet they like. Have promotions in your shop a week or two weeks before Mother’s Day to boost ratings.

Promotions and sales would get your customers attention especially if it is done a week or a few weeks before Mother’s Day because this means they can prepare and you have already given them the answer to their questions or problems like what should they get for the special woman in their lives? You can 

even have package deals where you throw in a free fruit basket or you offer a hamper delivery of everything a mother would enjoy or appreciate.

This day, you should focus on Mother’s and let your flower shop greet every mother there is. A free rose or flower for every mother or expecting mother that steps into your shop would be good promotion as well. Make them feel like they deserve it more than they are just merely paying to feel appreciated. Flower’s can help you with that, if you arrange them correctly to express what it means to be thankful for having a mother in your life. 

If you are an online florist, then make sure to have advertisements on your website dedicated to mother’s everywhere. And of course, your package deals and discounts to show how much mothers deserve the world without your customers having to think of the price of the flowers that will express their love to their mothers.


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