August 9, 2018
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A Womanly Figure: 5 Reasons Why Women opt for Breast Augmentation Surgery

All people are not created equal physically and that is an accepted fact. However, whether because of societal pressures or environmental factors, some women have an image in their head of what the “ideal” figure is for females. If they do not fit that image, they may have self-esteem issues.

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Growing up flat chested or overly voluptuous can be difficult for a girl who is just trying to fit in. As they become women, they may decide that they don’t want to stand out anymore. For these women, breast augmentation becomes a way to build their confidence and live fuller lives.

In fact, there are many reasons breast augmentation surgery has become the top cosmetic surgery performed today. Whether you are considering this procedure for yourself, or wondering why it is so popular, here are 5 reasons women everywhere are opting to undergo breast augmentation surgery.

  1. Body image

Some women make it through puberty and are still flat-chested. Others have asymmetrical breasts, where one is larger than the other. Sometimes these size differences are quite noticeable. Both of these concerns are seen as deformities by the person who possesses them. Undergoing breast augmentation surgery to look more normal can improve a woman’s self-image astronomically, allowing them to face the world with confidence.

  1. The After-Children Breast Deflation

Many women in their 30s and 40s had confidence in their bodies at one time, but then they had children. Between pregnancies and breast feeding, the elasticity in their breasts may not have been able to bounce back. Breast implants can be a way to bring some much-needed confidence back to the moms who simply want to have a normal chest again.

  1. Cancer and Mastectomies

Implant reconstruction is common in women who have lost one of both of their breasts to mastectomies with cancer. For women who have faced the fear of a terminal illness, being on the road to recovery should not be marred with self-image issues. The ability to have breast augmentation surgery to feel normal again is important to their future.

  1. Significant Weight Loss

For women who have undergone dramatic weight loss, they may find that their breasts are no longer as perky and supple as they were before the change. This new, healthy weight is offset with the negative self-esteem of the change in their breasts. To help offset this, breast augmentation is often performed.

  1. Boost in Libido

Studies have shown that many women experience a boost in their sex drive after receiving breast implants. For women who want to increase their sex drive, breast augmentation surgery is an option they often turn to.

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Is Breast Augmentation Right for You?

If you find any of these reasons resonate with you, or if you have any other concerns that may be helped with breast augmentation surgery, the research is available and you have many avenues to turn to for answers.

Explore your options and find a plastic surgeon you feel comfortable with to help you get the cosmetic procedure that you need to help you live a fuller, more confident life.


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