October 23, 2018
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3 Ways You Can Bring More Joy Into Your Busy Week

It’s the day before your weekend starts and you can’t seem to peel your eyes away from the clock, counting down the minutes until the beloved weekend can begin. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been there at some point in our life. Hey – you might even being doing it right now!

We spend most of our lives working, so it’s important to make the most of it! Spending our weekdays wishing for the weekend takes a toll on our mental health and we end up missing so much when we’re not fully in the moment. Imagine how much more you could offer in that work meeting or helping with your kids homework assignments if you weren’t cluttering your mind, wishing for a day off.

What if I told you that you could bring those blissful moments from the weekend into your work week? And that practicing these simple (and fun!) tasks during the week will give you more energy and creativity, making for a more productive lifestyle overall!

Check out the list I’ve curated below to help kick start that healthier and happier life:

Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable yet confident

If the weekends are spent in comfortable clothes, why can’t the work week be the same? Modern day office settings are starting to ease back when it comes to on brand clothing, so it may be easier to wear a baggy sweatshirt and sneakers in some than others. But for those of you who work in a more professional setting with a strict dress code, slipping on a comfortably fitting bra could be just the solution you’re looking for. Some online lingerie companies make finding the perfect fitting bra easier than ever by offering exclusive fit-related quizzes that are perfect for busy moms who might not have time for a professional fitting. If you’re comfortable in your own skin, your confidence will shine brighter than ever!

Schedule a babysitter for a midweek date night

Splitting up the week by having a date night with your significant other or your friends gives you something to look forward to! Rather than waiting for the weekend to have a night out, allow yourself to carve out a few hours on a Wednesday night to be with people who make you feel good. If you want to be the best role model for your children, it’s important to show them that taking time to surround yourself with like minded people who lift you up is okay! Get rid of that mom guilt for one night, and call the sitter! After all, babysitting is known to be one of the top side hustles.

Encourage your co workers to go to a group fitness class

Co workers who sweat together, stay together. But really, it’s true! Studies prove that working out with colleagues improves happiness, accountability and reduces stress overall. That means spending more time with the ones I spend all day with, actually provides health benefits? Sure does! We already know working out can lead to a happier, high-energy lifestyle. Getting to see your co workers in a different environment signals a lot of good energy to your body, making you more friendly with each other, too! This will sure come in handy when it comes time to sync up regarding that tight deadline on a big project.

These simple tips make it easy to incorporate a little more self-care into your busy lifestyle so that you can embrace your true self all week long! Just remember, like most accomplishments in life, it takes time. You don’t have to try all of these things next week. Start small, but keep the bigger picture in mind. Trust me, you’ll be happy you scheduled that Wednesday night sitter so that you could try that new restaurant in town with your husband!

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