November 28, 2018

True or False: Can UTIs be Prevented Even if You Avoid Antibiotics?

Research has shown that it is possible for UTI to go away even without antibiotics. Just remember that this can be more effective for those who only have mild UTI. If your UTI is already severe, you need antibiotics to speed up the process.

UTIs are very common in most parts of the world. A lot of people get it but they do not even realize that they have it. Some may experience severe and uncomfortable symptoms so they have no choice but to go to the doctor about it. Doctors would recommend that you take antibiotics. What if you are a firm believer that you can heal without the need for antibiotics? Would you avoid antibiotics?

UTI can heal on its own without the need for antibiotics provided that the infection is uncomplicated and is considered to be minor. When your UTI is already considered to be “complicated,” you have no choice but to take the prescribed amount by your doctor. The next thing to do is to take steps that will prevent your next uti.

These are some of the methods that you can do to make UTI go away on its own:

  • Always stay hydrated. Some people are more prone to getting UTIs because they are not fond of drinking water. Water can literally improve the way that your body works. It can remove the wastes and bacteria from your body that you do not need.
  • Ask for uti prevention powder. There are some supplements that are available in the market that might make your body stronger against UTI. Some would also offer uti prevention capsule. Learn more about these so that you can decide if you should take them or not.
  • Do not stop yourself from urinating whenever you feel the need to pee. When you urinate more often, you are able to clear your urinary tract from possible bacteria that may reside there.
  • Start drinking cranberry juice. This is one of the possible natural treatments against UTI. This has a lot of benefits and it is not limited to being used for UTI alone. This also comes with antioxidants that can help remove harmful toxins from the body.

UTI can be prevented without antibiotics provided that it is still in its early stages.


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