January 18, 2019
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Beautiful iPad Pro 12.9 Cases from FYY

I have been eyeing that pretty iPad Pro 12.9 since it came out last November 2018. My budget is still tight at the moment as I am intending to use some of my savings for travel this 2019. I also have plans of purchasing the iPad Pro 12.9 this year, and hopefully, I get to do that this first quarter, if not, then I can push it later this year.

I know I don’t have the slick iPad Pro 12.9 new release yet but I am already checking out the accessories I can buy that will go perfectly with the new tablet. I heard that there is also a keyboard accessory that one can buy when purchasing the iPad Pro 12.9 but checking out the price of it makes me reconsider if I really want an iPad Pro 12.9. However, I need to consider the many features I can use with the new iPad Pro and having the keyboard and case accessory will be a must.

If you already have an iPad Pro 12.9 but still don’t have the case nor the keyboard then you can consider checking this one out – FYY site! I found the site nice and they carry a lot of selections of cases and accessories which are more affordable than the accessories that Apple offers and the ones in FYY store are genuine cowhide leather!

If you are not too keen with the keyboard folio, then you can purchase just the case and perhaps buy the keyboard some other time or look for similar on a much affordable price range than the ones in Apple.

This FYY case iPad Pro 12.9 inch is something I will consider buying once I purchase my iPad Pro. I like the luxurious wine red hue. It is also made of genuine cowhide leather so it is soft and the texture is smooth so it won’t scratch your device. It is also compatible with the latest generation Apple Pencil while it is docked and charging, and wakes and puts the device to sleep when the lid is opened or closed. It also has multi angles to dock your iPad Pro.

The cases are reasonably priced considering they are made of leather. Some products are also made from other materials like PU so they are priced lower. The price ranges from US$6 to 60, depending on which iPad you have and the material of the case your choose. Nevertheless, FYY store has plenty of products not only for the iPad but also for other brands and gadgets like mobile phones, and other tablets. You can visit their website or FYY Facebook page for more information.

(Photo credit: from FYY store)

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