January 13, 2019
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Review – Derma Roller System

This is the very first time I have seen a derma roller personally. I only see this kind of product in YouTube or when I am just browsing in the web. I actually didn’t know what it is for until I tried one and researched about it.

This review is more about my experience with the product and not the results yet. The packaging indicates that I could use it again after every 3 weeks with the size of the needles I have chosen for the roller (1.0 mm). So, it would be too early to say. I will have to make an update after I have seen the results after more trials.

The Derma Roller System consists of the following:

1 Derma Roller
1 clear case storage for the derma roller
1 user guide

And I got some extras:
1 collagen mask (priced separately)
1 Derma Cell Advanced Anti-Aging Collagen Cream (priced separately)

What is derma rolling?

Derma rolling is a treatment used to prick tiny holes on the skin to stimulate collagen production underneath the skin. It is also called micro needling.

What is the benefit of a Derma Roller?

The derma roller renews the skin regularly to treat common problems we experience as we age such as wrinkles, skin hyper-pigmentation, scars (including acne scars), uneven skin, stretch marks (usually developed after pregnancy), hair loss or it can simply be used to create smoother skin.

What it is used for?

Types of treatments the Derma Roller System can be used for:
– Anti-aging / Anti-wrinkle
– Cellulite treatment / Cellulite reduction or removal
– Hair loss treatment / Hair restoration
– Hyper-pigmentation treatment
– Scar removal (including acne scar removal) – Skin smoothing
– Stretch mark removal / Stretch mark reduction

How is it used?

The derma roller is quite easy to use. You have to wash it first under running hot water. I tapped it dry to remove the excess water. I washed my face and pat dry to begin the process.

Rolling the Derma Roller was simple. You have to follow the instructions in the User guide so you don’t just roll and roll without any direction. I didn’t press the derma roller too hard as these are needles and they do slightly prick the skin with too much pressure. I just lightly rolled them as instructed, 4 times horizontally, then 4 times diagonally. After that, I applied the DermaCell Advanced Anti-Aging Collagen Cream on the areas where I used the derma roller. I just used it on my cheeks area.

How does the Derma Roller feel on my face when I used it?

It is prickly. That was my initial observation when I first rolled it on my cheeks. I tried to put pressure just once to feel the difference on lightly rolling versus putting heavy pressure rolling. I could tell that the harder you press, the more prickly the feeling because this roller consists of tiny needles and that is the feeling you could expect when applying several pointy things on your skin.

I felt a momentary of itchiness because of the initial roll but after the few rolls on the same place, it was ok. I didn’t have the itchy feeling afterwards.

I have a fair complexion and my cheeks are a bit pinkish. When I used the derma roller on my cheeks, there was just a very light reddish reaction but it was only for a minute then it was gone. You can see from the photo below the before, after, and with the cream applied photos. The after photo has a very light reddish diagonal patch on my right cheek. That was after I rolled the Derma Roller on a diagonal pattern as per the instruction.

And on the photo with the cream on, you wouldn’t see much of the reddish patch anymore. And that was just few seconds after I took the photo then I immediately applied the cream.

(I only used my iPhone camera so pardon the resolution. I didn’t filter the photos, just added texts.)

Cleaning the derma roller

Washing the Derma Roller is easy as well. Although I didn’t have any disinfectant solution, I washed it with hot water and drizzled the needles with a rubbing alcohol and stored it back to the clear case for sanitary purposes.

And how does my skin feel after the application of Derma Roller and included cream?

My skin is not lumpy at all and there are no redness after few minutes of treatment. That is just by using very light pressure on the Derma roller.

Honestly, I only used the derma roller in the area almost near my jawline/ears. So the parts where I did not use it feels slightly rough to the touch than the area where I used the derma roller. I will  have to write an update after few weeks for my 2nd derma rolling session and note down my experience.

Does it hurt?

Not at all but there is an initial uncomfortable feeling of rolling tiny needles on my face and I could feel my skin reacting to them. It felt a bit tingly and slight itchy but after few seconds, those feelings were over.

What’s my verdict?

It is too soon to say but based on my initial use, I will definitely use it again until I see the results. The way my skin initially reacted with the derma roller is quite promising. I still like how my treated cheek’s area (right side) still feels soft even after few days. I am excited to see the results after several tries. Also, I want to use it on my face’s dark spots where my pimple dried out as it is also used for hyper-pigmentation.

I like how it is easy to use and clean and it came with a clear case for storage too. I also like the fact that it came with a mask and collagen cream that I can add to my regimen.

Where to buy/order this product?

You can purchase this from Derma Roller System and they ship worldwide. A whole set is $89.95 (sale price!) with collagen cream but if you purchase only the roller, it will cost you $ 49.95 which is also on sale price. This is cheaper than having sessions and treatments in a clinic.



My feedback and opinion based on my personal experience with the product are 100% mine.

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    1. It didn’t give me a breakout though the slight “tingly” sensation is there right after I use. 3 weeks after my initial use, the affected skin area is quite smoother than the other cheek which I didn’t treated. It looks promising sis. 🙂

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