March 8, 2019
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Understanding Eyewear Fitment

How your gear fits can significantly impact its function. This is true whether you’re looking at motorcycle helmets or riding jackets. But what about your eyewear? How can you ensure you’re getting the right sized goggles or glasses? Here are fivethings to keep in mind when purchasing eyewear to guarantee a great fit.


Most eyewear comes in at least three sizes – small, medium and large – to accommodate a range of wearers. If you’re not sure which will fit you, it’s a good idea to measure.

You can get the depth of your face by measuring from above your eyebrow to the center of your cheekbone, and the width by measuring the distance between your temples. You can then compare these dimensions to a manufacturer’s size chart.


Most goggles have soft foam that conforms to the wearer’s face to some degree. This not only ensures comfort, but creates a barrier that blocks wind and debris. For maximum effectiveness, it’s important that the foam fits the contours of your face, which can be achieved with measuring.


Many goggles come with straps for better size customization, so if you’re having difficulty finding eyewear with a good fit, choosing a pair with straps may help. If you choose this route, however, make sure the straps don’t impede your how your helmet sits. In fact, some straps have silicone beads to grip the helmet and decrease shifting. 


Before you make a protective motorcycle glasses purchase, review what types of gear your helmet is compatible with. Certain helmet styles may not accommodate particular kinds of eyewear.


If you wear prescription glasses, you need eyewear that comfortably fits over them while providing shatterproof protection. Many brands offer goggles specifically made to work with glasses.

How your eyewear fits can have major consequences on the road, from including impaired vision, discomfort and subpar protection in the event of an accident. Make sure you get the most out of your gear with a perfect fit.

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