October 7, 2019

Most Reflective Motorcycle Helmets

Photo by Michael Kwarteng on Unsplash

Power, efficiency, speed – they’re all important when you’re out on your bike. However, the absolute most important aspect of each and every trip should be your safety and the safety of those around you. That’s precisely why adding a highly reflective motorcycle helmet to your collection of biker accessories is an absolute must. Sure, you could spruce up any helmet with a bit of reflective tape and make yourself more visible while you’re on the move, but when it comes to finding the right helmet right out of the store, there’s a few that stand above the rest. Check out some of the most reflective motorcycle helmets on the market to find the perfect addition to make every trip safer:

1.  Scorpion EXO-AT950 Neocon Helmet

If easy visibility and excellent protection is what you’re looking for, then the Scorpion EXO-AT950 Neocon Helmet is a great option. This full-face helmet includes a number of reflective neon details in its sleek, modular design, which makes it easier to spot you during nighttime rides and trips that take place in less than optimal conditions.

2.  Shoei Neotec 2 Excursion Helmet

This helmet stands by the Shoei brand’s values of expertise and high-end quality. It features a sleek, full-face design with modular parts that keep your ride comfortable regardless of where you’re heading. This particular design includes broad neon or reflective patches and stripes, which serve to catch the light in any conditions.

3.  Icon Variant Double Stack Helmet

Icon is responsible for creating some of the most impressive motorcycle aftermarket parts online or anywhere else, especially when it comes to off-roading needs, and this helmet is no exception. The helmet itself comes in broad, easily notable colors and features bright white reflector patches on the back that enhance wearers’ visibility even further.

4.  Icon Alliance GT Primary Helmet

Another piece of the best dualsport riding gear around, this helmet offers riders of all types an ideal solution or any type of late-night riding. This helmet, too, may be purchased in bright, bold colors that enhance visibility, but even if you choose to buy the sleek, black version the reflector patches will keep you covered. The patches are more discreet on this helmet than many others, featuring a black-slashed pattern across each that looks cool without interfering with the effectiveness of the visibility enhancers.

 5. Scorpion EXO-R2000 Ravin Hi-Viz Helmet

Looking for sporty style and unbeatable customizability without sacrificing your visibility? This helmet might just be the perfect match for your riding wardrobe. The Scorpion EXO-R2000 Hi-Viz Helmet offers a bright, easily-sighted shell that’s both highly breathable thanks to multiple venting channels and lightweight thanks to the use of advanced, forward-thinking materials. Its many road-ready features keep you protected in multiple ways while you’re on the road.

Regardless of the helmet you choose, it’s imperative that it keeps you as visible as possible every time you head out on your bike. While kitting out your existing helmet with reflector tape is always a good idea, buying a Hi-Viz helmet that comes with built-in parts ensures your reflectors are always in the best, most effective places. Add one of these effective helmets to your gear collection and keep yourself safe so you can live to ride another day.

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