October 5, 2019
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Seasonal Side Hustles For Extra Income For The Holidays

Not everyone is blessed to have another source of income unlike those who have other means to add money to their coffer. I am one of those who only has one steady income and sometimes, I find it hard to budget when there bills to pay, and family to help.

If you find yourself looking for extra income from sidelines you can do after your work or during your off time then read on.

Make Christmas Ornaments

This is what I am doing right now because I am very crafty. I love making handicrafts so I accept customized work for wood ornaments. If you are crafty too or have the knack to make beautiful things out of stuff then make Christmas ornaments and sell them.

Bake sweet treats

The holiday season is the perfect time to indulge with sweet treats. People love to give baked goods as presents to their family and friends. And if you are into baking then time to take out those baking utensil and start cracking with baking sweets you can sell. Package them nicely so they will look very presentable and enticing not only to the palate but also visually.

Stitch reusable gift bags

It’s time to ditch plastic bags and even wrapping papers so if you can sew, try stitching reusable gift bags and sell them. Stitch various sizes to fit many kinds and shapes of gifts. This is an innovative way to wrap gifts and save on paper wrappers.

Be a pet sitter or walker

Photo by Hannah Lim on Unsplash

If you have plenty of spare time after work and loves dogs or cats a lot, then be a pet sitter or pet walker. Offer your free time in the afternoon or evening to walk the dogs out in the park for at least half an hour or so just to keep the pets happy, healthy and sociable. Enlist your family or friends who are nearby who have pets who may be able to enjoy the offer!

These are just few of the side hustles I can think of that may be worth the try if you have the crafty skills or simply love to make use of your free time in a more productive way. Share in the comments below more tips on how to have side hustles to earn extra income.

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