November 20, 2019
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Benefits of Using Digital Mockups For Your Business

Many burgeoning small time business owners may not yet be able to afford a professional designer who can create very elaborate small-scale design to showcase their products or services. If you are a small time business owner or just starting to establish one, you will certainly need some representations to show your future clients on what you can offer. You need to use a professional looking mockups for a fraction of the price one would pay a professionally designed one. With Design Bundles, you are in for so much more!

I have availed many of Design Bundles’ illustrations, fonts, and even graphics for my personal projects. You can also use them for commercial purposes with a simple purchase of any Design Bundles’ products and all these information are indicated on the product’s page. This way, you know you are buying the right one for your intended use. Everything is explained in simple terms which is easily understandable. Unlike other websites selling designs for everyone, I find Design Bundles’ products and licences to be reasonably priced especially when you will use them for your business.

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Design Bundles carry plenty of mockups that you can use to showcase your products. And here are some benefits that you will enjoy when you use mockups for your business.

  1. The beauty of using mockups is that your clients will be able to see how the design (which can be a logo, some quotes, graphic design, or illustration) will look like on the product itself.
  2. You do not have to create the layout yourself as you can choose the best suited one to represent your products with the many selections of digital mockup designs in Design Bundles.
  3. Having your own mockup to present your products will save you money because you do not have to manufacture a sample to show to your clients when you can all do these with digital mockups or photograph flat lay mockups too that you can edit with a software.
  4. You are not constrained to just using digital mockups. There are also flat lays using actual photographed items that can be edited to present your products looking like it was photograph alongside the other items on the mockup. And all these are available in Design Bundles.
  5. Using mockups can help you save time and make life simple and easier since you only have to spare few minutes of your time to arrange the mockup with your products and the presentation is done. And you do not have to create individual items for the mockup which frees up time, and money!
  6. They are perfect for business owners who offer customized or personalized products. So using a mockup is a good way to keep changing the colors and designs, and create a new look all together in a short time without having to make an actual product yet.

And here are some of the mockups that are big hits in Design Bundles. If I were to open up my own handmade craft e-shop or other business in the future, I will certainly buy some of Design Bundles’ mockup designs.

This one is my favorite as I love the Holidays!
Perfect for T-shirt printing business
Shop owners selling accessories such as bags will find this mockup useful for their product showcase
Many organic, and homemade cosmetics and skin care business owners can use this mockup
And yes, even paper bags can use a pretty mockup!

(Photo credits: all photos are from Design Bundles)

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